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  • First time Sex with GF

    Hi I’m Kamesh, a fan of KP. I’m studying my BE in a college. I’m here to tell the real story happened in my life. when I joined the college no one became friend with me, I’m very depressed. After one month, days went,a new friend [GF] enters the class. Her cute face was very sexy and her body looks very hot. Her lips looks like a baby’s lip. Her boobs looks like a two softy spongy. Her figure was very nice and sexy. A days went, one day she asked me one doubt on the subjects, bcoz one month’s notes are not with her. I did not refuse her, I cleared all the doubts. we both became best friends, we had lunch together, we went to the college as well as to the home together. My family and her family became friends. we were enjoying our college life very much. At the same time our both family used invite for a functions. On a occasion our family planned for a picnic for 6days during pongal holidays, It is a fixed program from the company. But unfortunately we both could not join that picnic bcoz we had our semester exam after two days from pongal holidays. We both have to prepare for the exams. We both were sad for not joining the picnic. So leaving that we started preparing for the exams. No one there in our house, we have to stay alone, so we planned to stay in my house. In the morning servant will come and prepare the tiffin and meals and they will leave off, for the supper, we will prepare, During night we will sleep together. Ist night went, without any thing happened b/w us. 2nd day went, after preparing for the exams, we went to the bed. In the mid night, I woke up for drinking water, after seeing her, I gone mad. Her cute face looks like a doll, the beauty of sleeping was very cute. My thought went wrong, on sexual intercourse, suddenly my cock erected upto7″. Her boobs were looking attractive, than usual time. I thought of touching her boobs, but I could not. I’m very scared what would happen if I touch. I went to the toilet and I finished the work [masturbated]. I returned to the bed and slept. Sun raised up, the whole day went up. It was 3rd night we were alone together. That night I could not sleep, I’m very mood to have sex with her, I could not control it. Slowly I put my hand on her body, there was no reaction. Slowly kept at the boobs after some times her nipples become very sharp and her boobs becomes big. My breathing was very fast and hot. I could not control my feelings, my 7″ cock was very eager to fuck her. My cock was touching her ass and waiting to enter into her hole. Slowly I opened my pant and I rubbed on her ass with my cock.I tried to grope her ass,my hand squeezes the two big bumpy boobs. After pressing the boobs her boobs became so big. I turned her face, touched her lips. I could see her sharp nipples. I rubbed it. Slowly my hand went into her panty, her pussy was very hot and wet. Her shaved pussy was very soft. Slowly I removed her pant and panty. I could see a cute and vaginal shaved pussy. It was looking very nice. I’m eager to eat and fuck it. first I sucked her boobs, then I licked her pussy. Her cunt was very sweet and tasty. I have never tasted like this, I could not leave the pussy, I licked her pussy up to my throat. Then I took my penis and tried to send it into the hole of the pussy. Alas! she woke up with shocking look. I too shocked at her look. She’s starring at me. I don’t know what to do, I’m very scared, she was starring at my 7″erected cock. suddenly she took it in her mouth, it’s a pleasure feeling, I have ever had, I could not believe it, whether it’s dream or what. she gave me a good pleasure to my cock. I pleased her to fuck her, but she didn’t accept, after pleading for 1000times she accepted. Her cunt was very small and smooth, after some risk, I put my dick into her vagina, since it’s a first experience for us. it gives more pain as well as a good expectation. I came for the climax, I said I’m coming, she suddenly took my cock and swallow the white juice fully without wasting. She asked once more, again I fucked, she is shouting like mad. Her moaning sound makes me more aroused. Her cunt looks reddish, by squeezing the two boobs. I fucked her twice, at the climax scene, I comes on her ass hole. A small butt with a tiny hole. She said, I have been waiting for this collision around 2 months. I shocked to this. she pleaded to me that, every night we shall have until our parents come. I accepted her wish with a smile. We kissed and went to the bath room to take bath. There I saw her fully naked body, by seeing her, I jumped on her and started fucking. This time we did doggy style. We did all styles with a lustful of mind. She swallows my cum fully second time. We took deep sleep and for next three days we had a pleasure time together. If any girls in need of my cock,…..Eagerly waiting for the comments…..