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Fucked my GF Suma in School function

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  • Fucked my GF Suma in School function

    Hi friends.I am Nikhil of ninth standard from Delhi public school. I want to share my first sex experience with my classmate.

    It was the day of our schools annual day.we were all busy with our works.I have a girlfriend by name suma. she is very sexy and adorable .The moment I see her my dick starts rising. We were in love with each other.On that day we were participating in the same dance.We were in our costumes.she looked the the sexiest in that costume. Then a thought like fucking her came to my mind.But I kept silent until our performance is over. After our performance we went to the dressing room and changed our dress.

    Then we were sitting in our respected seats and watching others performances.i and suma were sitting side by side.Then slowly i moved my hand onto her thigh.They were so hot that my dick raised like Eiffel tower. There was no reaction from her.So i proceeded forward and catches her hip and pressed it softly .Then suddenly she turned towards me in a sexy look and said not here we will have it in a room which is above the function hall.Then we slipped from that and went to that room . I really did not expect such a reaction from her.After going to that room my dick started growing much more.

    Sorry friends I forgot to say about her.She is some what medium in color but very attractive face.She was five feet in height.

    After going to that room I gave her a long lip kiss .then suddenly she catches my dick then i was shocked. I slowly started removing her dress.She wore a black petticoat.Her boobs were not so big and not so small.I started licking her boobs.The expression on her face makes us more interested in having her. I sucked her boobs for five minutes and i slowly removed her underwear.Her pussy was cleanly shaved and was looking veryyyyyyy hot.I licked it like an ice cream for more than fifteen minutes.It was the tastiest thing in the world.Then i slowly inserted my dick into her pussy .She was shouting like a mad dog but after sometime she was OK.She asked me to stop for a while and she sucked my dick like lollipop for around ten minutes.

    As it was late ten o clock we dispersed to our houses . But I remember this event for life long because this is my first and best sex experience in my life. Me t you friends later with another sex experience of mine! Thankyou….