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Ashim and Anamika enjoying sex in the Kerala backwaters – I

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  • Ashim and Anamika enjoying sex in the Kerala backwaters – I

    Hi readers. This is Ashim again after some time…. Let me remind you again. We are married for last 15 years with a 5 year old son. Well this is my recent sojourn with 3 days of unlimited Sex. It was our Anniversary. As I am on a project to Southern region, We decided to book a sea side resort ( in the backwaters of Kerala) for our celebrations. It was lovely and romantic place.

    My wife Anamika packed all her dresses (hot & Sexy ones) for those three days. The resort was by the side of the famous backwaters of Kerala. We arrived in the resort in day time and spent the day going around on the beach and boating in back waters. Swimming was fun. Anna is slim and has a perfect toned body with good well carved out 32 size breasts.

    Long and carved legs make her look real sexy and hot. She is fond of flaunting her legs specially. Lucky for us it was not the tourist season so there was hardly any tourist in the resort. Few tourists in the resort were foreigners only. While she was was admiring the place I whispererd to her

    “Honey these three days we are going to have Sex that would be remembered unto next Anniversary” She just blew a kiss and said “ I’m gotta treat you with surprises” In the late morning hrs we decided to go for Ayurvedic spa (the resort looked after my son for 2 hrs). She wore a short skirt and frilly floral strap top. We took a couple spa and was great experience and refreshing.

    After it was over while coming down from lift (the spa centre was on the top floor of the resort) We again hugged each other and decided for some adventure. We took the lift up again, this time roof top. It was nicely maintained with lot of greenery and overlooking the back waters. It was partly cloudy and a perfect weather. I found a nice corner and pulled her for an embrace and our lips were locked.

    My hand went up her back through her top and so did she with her one hand on my tool. I quickly lifted her top and started sucking the mangoes. She was resting against a wall. Her slid my hand under her skirt and pulled off her panties. I lifted her skirt and started fingering her now wet pussy. She got down quickly, pulled down my Bermudas and took my cock in her mouth ( we had to hurry for everything).

    I asked her “Wanna fuck Honey” She said “ya but first lick me quickly”. I went down and ate her pussy like a hungry person. Soon I stood up and she bent forward and I entered her from behind. She was holding on to the side walls of the roof. The scene was exotic and erotic. Lovely scenery all around Sun in and out and we were fucking in and out. Her skirt was hiked up and so was her top.

    Her boobs were out erect and I was massaging them. We were full of oil ( massage oil) and sweating on top, but some real adventure it was. Soon I cummed in her mouth. We cleaned up and returned. But our main wait was for night.

    During the day while swimming or in lift we would involve in passionate kiss or a pinch on the boobs or my cock. Once after swimming as there was no one around, I entered her changing room and started kissing and biting her boobs. She soon bent down and sucked my cock and such quickies.

    Evening during the lake cruise we sent our son to the lower deck and involved ourselves in a deep Kiss and gentle fondling of our bodies. Evening for dinner she wore tight shorts (hot pants) and a tube top, where her smooth stomach and naval button was visible. (She was a treat for few other foreign tourists around). I could not wait for dinner to get over and we go to room.

    Once in the room my son was asleep we changed to some romantic dresses. I wore my boxers while she wore a blue satin lacy nighty which was knee length and strap on shoulders. We got into an embrace and hugged and kissed each other, waiting for the 12 o clock where we could wish us Anniversary. It was raining lightly outside, and we came out in the balcony.

    I lit a cigarette and we shared some puffs (she also smokes occasionally with me). By the time it was 12 midnight, I embraced her from behind and wished her. She turned back and gave me a light kiss and we wished ourselves. As always, I gifted her sexy Lingerie’s set and she gave me a perfume set. And she promised me to wear the set next night.

    I held her from back cupping her boobs and my cock rubbing her ass. I kept massaging them and she was moaning softly. It was some atmosphere. With light rain and heat between us. She kept on saying I love you and I responded by Kiss on the neck. She was moaning loudly (nobody could hear us becoz of rains and there was hardly anyone). She turned back and started kissing me on lips.

    I was sucking on her lips (it as like our first kiss). I took a chocolate in my mouth and kissed to exchange the same. She now took a Chocó and offered me a kiss. I kissed her but smeared the chocolate all over her lips. I licked over all of it then.


    I gentle removed the straps from her shoulders to reveal her bare back and was kissing her back and neck like mad. She was in ecstasy. Her nighty fell down and she was in her lacy panties. She turned to me and took off my T shirt and boxers. I was in my undies too. We embraced each other tightly (not even air could pass between us) and were kissing each other.

    My erect cock was rubbing her pussy. I gradually moved towards her mangoes and started licking them. After a while she held my head and thrusted her boobies in my mouth and said “feast on your mangoes”. I was sucking them like mangoes (I call them mangoes) and biting them. She was forcing my head down and down. I could see pussy was wet.

    I licked them over the silk. She was moaning and saying “Lick me hard. Lick me”. I pulled down her panties. Her pussy was shaven (for the day) I thrusted my tongue in it. She cried and she caught my head and started thrusting her pussy in my mouth. She was crying in ecstasy. Her juices smelled nice. I got up and said “its your turn”.

    She kneeled in front and started teasing me by just kissing my erect cock on the tip. I was saying “Suck it Baby” and she kept saying “not now”. Suddenly she gulped my cock in her mouth and started sucking them madly (I have never seen her sucking so madly) It was my turn to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth. She was deep throating my cock and I was holding her head.

    She stopped and looked at me and said “Sweety Fuck me now. I want you In” I told her to get up and stand against the balcony wall. She wanted to go inside on the couch… but I said “Let do it here, there’s nobody”. After some hesitation she agreed and spread her legs, she raised one leg a bit on a small stool, I placed my cock at her pussy and just rubbing her and pulling away.

    I was in playful mood now. She was moaning softly “ Cmon sweetu enter me now” But I was just teasing her. She was growing desperate and she cried “Fuck me now” I was waiting to hear this, I slid my cock inside her started stroking her, gradually increasing my speed. Both of us were in heaven and were moaning rather loudly … It was OOOh AAAh in the balcony.

    After a while I withdrew and she turned back and leaned on the balcony. I entered from behind and began thrusting. She asked me “ squeeze my mangoes I held them from behind and started squeezing the,,and pinching the nipples. I was squeezing her nipples really hard. She was trying to match my speed with her own movement. She said “hey fuck me wild, really wild as you do”.

    She was trying to bend as low as possible. I held her hairs from behind and with other hand held her mangoes hard and started fucking her again. At time I would squeeze the boobies hard or pull her hairs or spank her in the butt (she enjoyed it). I was fucking her with jerk and hard. My thighs were flapping against her butts and making sound.

    She was going crazy and the sound of OOOHH and AAAH grew loud. She suddenly got up and pushed me on the slumberrette chair and got on top. She embraced me and said “ Honey this is the best Anniversary sex we have had, par abhi khatam nahi hua hai” winking an eye I said “ lets make it a memorable one” With this she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking.

    And then climbed on me held my pole and guided it in her pussy. She was jumping over me in slow and deep motion. She was at times leaning back to hold my knees and continue thrusts gradually increasing the pace. Again it was AAAH and OOOH all over with occasional chant of Fuck me harder.

    While doing this I asked “Honey where do you want me to cum” She said “Fuck me between my mangoes the come in my mouth”. It was surprising as she is reluctant to cumming in mouth. It was my turn to get on top, I put her on the couch, and climbed her. I was gentle in my thrusts but deep. She was kneading her mangoes.

    She kept her legs on my shoulders and then I held her leg wide and increased my pace, I was nearing my orgasm. I cried “I am cumming baby” She quickly sat down on the chair easing back, while I stood and placed my cock between her mangoes and she squeezed them.

    She was easing back on her hands and I was titty fucking her in a deep motion, and after a while shed my entire load over her breasts and mouth. She licked my cock again and finally we retired to bed. And we slept naked for some time embracing each other. Well that was just a start to our Amazing Anniversary…