A Rich Husband and Wife Encounter Some Unsavory Characters


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“Hmmmm?” I opened my heavy eyes to the darkness. The bus was hurtling along the bumpy country highway.

“I am feeling really cold. Can you get a blanket from the blue handbag?” my wife Niyati whispered, shivering in the ramshackle bus with no heater and poor insulation.


Groggily, I got up and went to the front of the bus where our bags were kept because our seats in the back didn’t have luggage shelves on top. It was the sort of bus I had never traveled in, except for a few trips with college friends. The whole layout, its general ramshackle structure, and even the type of co-passengers we had were a big change for someone upper middle class like me. It took me a couple of minutes in the darkness to find the blanket. A couple of sleeping passengers stirred because of the little noise I was making.

As I walked back to our seat, I first thought I had forgotten where we were sitting. In the darkness from a distance, it seemed like there was a different couple in what I thought was our seat. But as I approached the seat, I realized with a sense of anger and trepidation that it was our seat.

I was too shocked to even say anything. Sitting next to my wife on my seat was a burly bearded guy I had noticed him eyeing us meaningfully when we got on the bus and walked past his seat. Regardless of the fact that her husband was with her, he had ogled her shamelessly. I remember thinking that if she were alone, he definitely would have groped her. So I had decided that we should sit in the back, as far away from him as we could.

And now, a few hours later, he was sitting next to her, his thick arm around her shoulder. Her face wore a look of utter terror. Her wide eyes stared into mine.

“Whaa…” I started to say when Niyati put a finger on her lips signaling me to be silent.

Then with her eyes, she signal towards the thug’s waist. His left hand was holding a gleaming gun there. I stared at the gun terrified and then looked at the ugly bearded face. He was smiling.

“Sit there.” he whispered, signaling to the seat across to aisle to his left. There was another man sitting there by the window. Presumably his friend, because I know that the seat was empty when I had left to get the blanket. He saw me and raised his right hand to display a gleaming knife.

“Sit down saab.” the other man said with a smile. He was skinny and short, not a big lug like his friend. Barehanded, I could have taken him. But with a knife in his hand, I didn’t want to take any chances.

I sat down as ordered and tried to reason with the big bearded fellow.

“Listen sir, please leave us alone.” I whispered.

“You leave us alone.” he growled in a low voice and pointed his gun at me. “This beautiful lady is cold. I am going to warm her up.”

Petrified, I looked around. Everyone around us seemed to be sleeping. The couple of rows in front of us were empty anyway. I started considering my options. But they were limited with a gun pointed at me.

I looked over at Niyati. Our eyes locked. She seemed as helpless as I was, flinching every time the big lug rubbed her shoulder with his hand.

“But listen…please…you cannot…” I started whispering again, when the guy to my left gently poked the knife against my stomach.

“Ustaad told you to shut up.”

I clammed up, still staring at my shivering petrified wife. We were both so tense, but our two tormentors seemed very much at ease, as if threatening people was second nature to them. Normal people don’t carry weapons with them, especially not gleaming foreign-made semi-automatic guns like that big thug had. Clearly they were criminals of some sort, maybe muscle-men for a local politician which is common in the cow-belt.

Which really limited my options. I could, of course, raise an alarm, wake up the other passengers, and hope for some help. But what if these two started using their weapons? Besides, this was a really low-end ramshackle bus with mostly poor and lower-middle class people. I didn’t know how much they could help us out when confronted by two armed bullies.

Niyati was staring back at me. The thug was still rubbing her shoulder and holding the gun in his other hand. I was that he was also sliding closer and closer to her, pushing her towards the cold window on her right.

“Throw me that blanket.” he said. I did as was told and it landed on his lap. He then said to my wife. “Cover yourself, darling.”

Niyati’s shuddering hands unfolded the blanket and she pulled it up to her neck. The thug smoothed it out with his other hand.

“Raju, make sure saab here behaves.” he whispered and then put the gun on the seat next to him on the left.

For a moment I considered lunging and grabbing the gun. It was just an arms length away from me. But Raju must have read my mind because he increased the pressure of the knife, as if to warn me. Soon some movements started under the blanket. I could still see Niyati’s face, although she had turned it away from me. I could see tears starting to stream down her face.

“So saab…what brings high class people like you to a bus like this?” Raju asked.

I closed my eyes to fight back tears, cursing the decisions I had made to put us in this situation.


I wasn’t in the mood for chit-chat. The movements under that blanket were now getting a bit more hectic.


“Just shut up.” I said to him.

“Suit yourself. Just trying to pass the time.”

With the knife still pressed against my stomach, I alternate between looking to my right and looking straight ahead, trying to figure out a way to end this. But nothing came to mind.

We would not even have been in this position if I hadn’t been so obsessed with my career that I forgot the basics of being sensible and safe. Here is the chain of incidents that landed us in this pickle.

We are both in our mid-30s and we live in Delhi. I am one of two co-founders of a very lucrative tech start-up, and my wife is also involved in it. After years of putting in long days and weekends at multinationals in our lucrative post-MBA jobs, we started feeling the entrepreneurial itch. We had no kids, so decided to take the risk. Quit our jobs and entered the start-up world with one of my classmates from b-school. This other co-founder was getting married at his ancestral home near Hazaribagh. We had gone to attend that wedding. I cursed him for having the wedding during the school Christmas break, because that meant everyone was traveling and tickets were very pricey and in high demand. When you are working at a start-up, you have to be careful about such expenses. Why didn’t he get married a month later I asked. He said that was obviously the only time his relatives and friends with kids could travel all the way to Hazaribagh. I cursed him some more, although I understood his compulsions.


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So we flew into Patna. Took a private cab to his home. Had fun at his multi-day wedding. The very day of the wedding, I got a call from a friend at a Venture Capital firm. Our spunky start-up had caught the attention of a Silicon Valley investor who was visiting India. He thought there was real potential to make us a multi-hundred million or even a billion dollar company. And the investment he was thinking of was massive. The only problem was, he would be flying back to the US in a couple of days. So if one of us couldn’t meet him before that, we would have to fly all the way to California.

I spoke to my co-founder. He instantly said we should both fly out after the ceremony. I told him not to be an idiot. Big investments are fine, but a newlywed should be with his wife and on a honeymoon. I told him that I would take the meeting. As soon as the wedding was done, my wife and I were going to take the private cab to Patna. And that’s where we got the first piece of bad news through SMS. The flight was cancelled. I called the airline. In fact all flights out of Patna were cancelled or postponed due to fog. They did not expect the fog to lift for at least 24 hours. Which meant I would not be able to get back to Delhi in time for meeting the investor. I called other airports nearby, asked others around me for advice. And the most optimum plan was formed.

The only flights available for the next morning were out of Lucknow. So the plan was to take a private cab to Lucknow. And from there take a 1 PM flight back to Delhi. So we set off. We were on the road for a couple of hours when the next unfortunate thing happened. Because of the fog, there had been a couple of accidents on the highway and traffic had slowed to a crawl. One of the cops we spoke to said the delay was such that it would be tough to reach Lucknow in time for the flight. So the driver suggested taking backroads through the countryside. He assured us that he knew the area well and would get us past the accident soon.

So we set off through the back-roads. That is when I should have started thinking about just postponing the meeting. So what if we had to go to California? It would be a few lakhs more. Hardly anything when you look at the total investment potential of so many million dollars. But start-up guys will understand how we like to pinch pennies. And so we were traveling those back-roads.

“This looks so…shady and weird.” Niyati said to me in the cab.

“Yes it does. But it will be over soon.”

We were both privileged upper middle class kids born and raised in the rich confines of New Delhi. Rural cow belt areas were something we had never been exposed to. In the dark, they seemed even scarier. The fog didn’t make things any better.

A little while later, the driver said he would like to make a stop at a dhaba for some food and tea. He promised it would be just for 20 minutes. We didn’t want our driver to nod off while driving, so agreed. And soon the car pulled up into a nearly deserted dhaba. The driver went off to have food and tea on his own while Niyati and I sat on a separate table munching on some snacks.

“This almost seems like a foreign third world country.” Niyati said as she ate the pakoras.

“I’ve got news for you, honey. India IS a third world country.” I said.

“Haha, yes, I know, but still it is…”


There was a loud deafening noise. We got up, as did the waiter and the dhaba owner and our driver. We rushed out of the dhaba through the fog. The cab was partially crushed, and a truck was speeding away.

“BHENCHODDDD!!” the driver yelled, and crying, ran to the remains of his car.

It was obvious what had happened. In the fog, a truck had veered off the road and rammed against the car. And then driven off. There was no way the car could be driven any more. For all purposes, we were stuck in that nondescript dhaba in the middle of nowhere in Bihar. The driver looked so distraught that I didn’t have the heart to ask him if he could call his boss to send us another cab. I instead spoke to the dhaba owner.

“Lucknow by noon? That far? I don’t know saab. This is not a big city so I am not sure we can find you another taxi. There is a small sarai nearby. It is safe and trustworthy. My suggestion is, stay there till the fog clears. And they will arrange something.”

“No no, I absolutely have to reach Lucknow by noon.”



“There is a bus that comes by this time. Not a state transport bus or anything. A private bus going to Benares.”

“Oh great…what time does it come?”

“It will be here soon. But saab…you…and your wife…I don’t know if it will be right. This is not some luxury AC imported type bus. It will be very bumpy and cold and…”

At this point, in hindsight, I should have listened to what he said. But instead, I said,

“That’s fine. It will be overnight anyway, right? No problem.”

I was so eager to make that meeting.

So a little while later, I gave our cab driver a couple of thousand rupees for his trouble. And the bus arrived.

The bus was indeed very ramshackle and not the sort of transport we were used to. It was easily a few decades old and was very basic. The seats were very flat and made of rexine, not the cushy reclining seats we were used to. But I was too focused on that investor meeting. So I decided that we should get on it. I paid the driver what was a surprisingly low fare by our standards. And we took our luggage out of the remains of cab and got on the bus.

“This is…interesting.” Niyati said as we got on. I could sense a little uncertainty in her voice.

“That it is.” I agreed but nudge her forward.

A few passengers had gotten off at the dhaba to use the bathroom or get some food. The others were mostly fast asleep as it was close to midnight. The bus was less than half full, with most passengers sitting in the front to avoid the big jolts you get at the back of such old buses. And the passengers were almost all male, with the exception of two old ladies.

As we walked slowly past the aisle, a few passengers woke up. Some men checked out my gorgeous wife, but furtively. I was used to it so didn’t think much of it. She is a conventionally good-looking, in fact hot woman with a petite frame but big boobs. She was wearing a simple white t-shirt that accentuated her bosom even with the cardigan on top, and sweatpants for comfort so she could sleep in the car. Soon we passed by the big bearded thug and as I said earlier, he was the only one to ogle her shamelessly. He had the body language and expression of a bully so I felt a little disconcerted.


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“How about here?” Niyati said stopping at a seat a couple of rows behind him.

“No, keep going.” I said in English.

“But the farther back we go, the bumpier it will get.” she said.

“Trust me, keep going.” I solemnly said.

Another mistake? If we had been seated there, I could have just put the bags above us and never had to leave her side. And maybe, just maybe, so close to other passengers, he would not have tried what he did. There is no way to know.

I led her almost all the way to the back.

“Right here.” I said.

“But there is no shelf for our bags.” Niyati said.

“I’ll put them in the front. We’ll be asleep the whole way anyway.”

I put our bags in the front while we settled in. The bus got going. And soon we were sleepy, although Niyati complained about it being chilly even with her cardigan on.

That entire sequence of events played out in my mind as I sat in the dark bus. I wondered if all the obstacles had been a sign from God to just abandon my efforts to reach Delhi for the meeting. If I had just mad a different decision at any of the stages – after the flight cancellation, after the highway traffic, after the accident, or even after getting into the bus and seeing that dangerous looking bully, things would have turned out differently. But they didn’t. And here we were.

My classy innocent gorgeous wife was in the grip of a boorish thug. And the motions under the blanket were getting really hectic. I couldn’t imagine what was happening under there. What ignominies she was being put through. For a while, I tried not to look. But then I just had to.

Niyati’s face was pressed against the window and Ustaad’s bearded face was gently kissing it. Soon the blanket fell off with all the motion. And I felt like the knife being held against my stomach was plunged into my heart as I saw even in the darkness that his big hairy hands were mauling her tits over the t-shirt. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks, although obeying his command, she had kept her noises to a minimum.

While her tears bothered me in one way, they seemed to bother Ustaad in a different way. He reached for the gun, picked it up, and pointed it in my direction. Then he whispered to Niyati in a voice loud enough for me to hear.

“Now listen, darling. I can understand you crying a little. But it is getting too much now. Stop the waterworks or I will shoot your husband in the head.”

“Okay…okay.” she breathlessly said, wiping her eyes. Whatever of the tears was left, he licked off with his raspy tongue and softly chuckled.

“Good girl. You seem like an intelligent memsaab type. So let me say this very plainly. We are in a dark bus in the middle of the night, and you are at my mercy. I like you. I think you are hot. But I don’t want to hurt you. Nor hurt your husband here. Let me do what I want for a little while and I will leave you alone. But if you keep resisting and crying and whining all the time, I might lose my temper.”

He said that last bit with a scary edge to his voice. She opened her eyes wide, turned her face towards him and stared into his eyes.

“Do you understand?” he said.

“Yes.” she meekly said.

I felt so powerless and ashamed that I couldn’t do anything to stop this. And that my wife had to give in to such horrible demands from a common thug.

“Good. Now…take off your sweater.”

Niyati sighed and slipped off her cardigan. It dropped to the floor on top of the blanket.

Tugging at her t-shirt, he said,

“Pull it up!”

I had been watching and listening to all this with rage and shame building up inside me. Niyati looked at me sadly and then started pulling her t-shirt up until it was rolled up over her bra-covered boobs.

“Nice.” he said, fondling her tits and fingering her cleavage. “Open the bra.”

She reached back with her hands and unclasped it. He roughly pushed the bra cups up and started mauling her tits like they were ripe mangoes.

“Your nipples are nicely big and erect. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he whispered with a chuckle.

“It’s cold.” she flatly said as he licked her nipples one by one.

“You are right. It is cold. We could always pick up that blanket to cover you up and I could play with you under there. But then…your husband won’t get to see anything.”

He said that and then pointed at my crotch.

“Clearly your husband is enjoying this.” he said and cackled. Raju next to me also laughed a little.

My first reaction was, what nonsense. But then I realized that he was right. Without meaning to or wanting to, I had developed a hard erection even in this harrowing situation. My body or subconscious mind or whatever was aroused at the sight of this burly thug attacking my wife’s exposed tits in the dark bus hurtling through the countryside. What the hell?

I was distraught. I looked at my crotch. And then I looked at Niyati. She had seen my obvious erection. And there was a hurt expression on her face.

“Can you imagine how angry, humiliated, and hurt I felt when I saw that?” Niyati thundered angrily.

It was a while after the incident when we finally felt ready to talk about it honestly.

“Here I am, in the control of a lunatic thug in a bus in the middle of nowhere.” she continued yelling. “I am being forced to do unspeakable things. He is having his way with me. And my husband sitting there, instead of trying to figure out a way to end it, is turned on by it?”

I knew she had a point. But I felt upset too.

“So it’s my fault? What was I supposed to do? It’s not like the movies, you know. If I had tried something, we could have both been killed right there.” I yelled back.

Niyati glared at me. Then her expression seemed to soften a little.

“I don’t fault you for not rescuing me. I understood the reality of the situation even then. But I was…and still am…wondering about that erection.” she said.

“Yeah, well, so am I.” I bitterly said. “It wasn’t a conscious choice, you know? My body isn’t completely in my control, you know?”

“I…I believe you.” she gently rubbed my shoulder. Even that touch felt so foreign.

Back to that night in the bus. I was still trying to come to terms with the erection, looking at Niyati’s face wearing an expression of betrayal. The two goons were laughing softly. Then the Ustaad finally spoke again with his forked tongue.

“You see, darling, your husband likes it, I like it, and I assure you, you will like it eventually. So just accept it.”


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My wife and I were still staring at each other. And eventually I saw her expression change. From betrayal to one of resignation and disappointment. Until then, her body language, even after she cooperated, had shown some resistance. Her body was still partly stiff and her movements were still forced. At that moment, a big change happened, and the fight seemed to go out of her. She seemed almost broken. Her right hand hung limply and her left hand rested on the back of the seat. She seemed to have given up as her exposed creamy white tits and erect pink nipples shone in the meager light of the passing street lamps.

And she closed her eyes. Tightly shut. That cut off any eye contact between us for the next several moments as Ustaad resumed licking and biting her nipples, fondling her ample boobs. The shocking thing for me was that my erection didn’t subside. It stayed just as hard, and maybe even kept getting harder as I saw, just a few feet away, my wife being sexually assaulted by an armed thug. I could still see the gun on the seat next to him. But by now, I didn’t even have the remotest wish to reach for it.

Pretty soon I started observing another change in Niyati’s body language. I knew from 6 years of marriage that she had really sensitive nipples and boobs. Seeing my erection had made her give up. So Ustaad’s tongue and hands were now starting to have an effect. I saw her expression change to a relaxed one. Her breath quickened and her chest started heaving a bit. Even after being forced into the situation, my wife’s body had started taking pleasure in what was happening, much like my body had. And then I heard a soft moan.

“That moan when he was playing with your…breasts.” I said.

“I know.” she shrugged. “My body isn’t completely in my control either, I guess.”

“Are you trying to use my own words against me?”

“No, honey, I am being serious. And honest.” Niyati sincerely said.

I stared at what was happening on my right. Her gentle moans were now becoming frequent. Her nipples, I could see, were more erect than would have been caused by just the cold. Her shivers were also different than before. And her naked boobs were covered by a sheen of Ustaad’s saliva and so glistened every time there was some light.

He took one hand off her boobs and unbuttoned his shirt. He then took her right hand and slipped it inside his shirt. She didn’t resist. She didn’t pull it away even after he let go. It stayed inside his shirt, playing with his chest hair.

“Saab.” Raju spoke up after a while of silence.


“Looks like memsaab is having fun.” he cackled. Niyati’s left hand now went to the back of Ustaad’s head. It started playing with his hair.

“Please shut up.” I said despondently.


But Raju was right. My wife was indeed not the reluctant forced participant that she had been a few minutes ago. Seeing that I was aroused seemed to have caused a big change in her mindset. From first resigning herself to the situation, she now seemed to be drawing some pleasure out of it as her moans showed.

Her body had been pushed against the window with her breasts exposed. The nipples were super erect. She was breathing heavily and moaning softly. Her hands were playing with her chest hair and head hair. It’s little surprise then that Ustaad decided to make the next move. He lifted her right leg off the floor and up over his waist. She did not resist and her ankle landed on his back. His left hand then moved from her boobs down past her soft stomach behind her back. And I could see that it was being pushed down her sweatpants. And soon the thug’s big hair left hand was grabbing my wife’s ass cheek.

“mmmmmmm” she let out a different kind of moan at his touch. And I couldn’t believe my eyes as for the first time since the ordeal had started, I saw her smile.

“I smiled?” she asked, surprised.

“Yes, you did.” I said bitterly.

“It must have been involuntary. Like your erection.” she said pointedly.

I didn’t say anything.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it as a taunt.” she said.

“It’s okay.”

“Since we are being honest, yes, by then, my primal animalistic side was starting to kick in. He is after all…” she trailed off.

“He is what?” I looked at her.

“Well…you know.”

“No, I don’t know!”

“You are going to make me say it? Fine! He is such an alpha male. Big, strong, bearded, aggressive…I guess just instinctively…I started liking it. Even his sweaty body odor, which until then seemed overwhelming started to have an effect. And when he put his hand down my pants, my pussy just…”

“Please stop.”

“Well you wanted to…”

“I get it. I get it.” I said, rubbing my forehead in disbelief.

“What are you doing?” Raju said and pressed the knife again.

“Just pinching myself.” I said.


“I still don’t know if this is a nightmare or if this is actually happening.” I said.

“Oh…ok. I understand.” and with his other hand he sympathetically tapped me on the shoulder.

And we both stared at the scene unfolding to our right. Ustaad’s left hand was inside my wife’s sweatpants playing hard with her ass. In the last few moments, she had slid down completely flat on the rexine bus seat. His other hand was under her shoulders, holding her in a tight embrace. His shirt was by now completely open as her right hand played with her chest hair. And her left arm was wrapped tightly around his neck. He was on top of her and they were fondling and making out like two horny teenagers without a care in the world.

Then Ustaad’s right hand grabbed her rolled-up t-shirt and bra and pulled them off her, throwing that bunch of fabric on the seat behind them. My erection started throbbing as I realized that my gorgeous wife’s voluptuous body was now topless under his hulking mass.

Under his body, I could make out that he had pushed her sweatpants down a bit. I could see the smooth naked skin at the top of her thighs. And now I could see how his hand was moving from her hips to her ass and eventually towards the front. To her crotch!

“AHHHHHH!!” Niyati moaned loudly. I didn’t see exactly what had made her utter something that loud for the first time since this situation began. But I could guess. I knew that sound. She often made it when I put my fingers inside her cunt.

That loud voice had some effect. Until then, everything had been done in whispers. All the other passengers kept sleeping. But her loud moan roused a couple of them. I could see some heads turning towards the back. And there were a few murmurs.

Ustaad realized what had happened. He stayed on top of my voice, his hand still at her pussy, as he raised his shoulders to look at the rest of the passengers.


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“Raju, come here.” he whispered as he reached for the gun under my wife’s thighs and held it up towards me.

“Yes, Ustaad.” my tormentor said and slipped passed me.

Raju stood in the aisle and bent down over them. There was some whispering that I could not hear. Raju then nodded and started walking towards the front of the bus holding his knife in front of him.

We had all seen that some 4-5 people had been woken up my wife’s loud moan. As she and Ustaad kept squirming locked in an embrace, I saw Raju stop next to each of the people and whisper something for a few seconds. He then went up to the driver and they had a conversation for about 2-3 minutes in whispers that I could not hear from the back.

I was watching my wife now apparently completely under the thug’s control.

“I didn’t realize it was that loud. I didn’t mean for it to be that loud.” Niyati blushed. “But he put his rough fingers…”

“I know that sound. You don’t need to elaborate.” I interrupted her.

“You know…he scolded me then.”

“What? I didn’t hear that.”

“He whispered it very softly in my ear – you whore, what are you thinking making loud sex noises like this? Do you want the whole bus to fuck you?” Niyati seemed to almost shudder with pleasure as she remembered it.

“What did you say?”

“Obviously, I said no.”


Raju came back to our seat and said,

“It’s done, Ustaad.”

“Good.” the thug said.

And then I was taken aback as he stopped fondling my wife and sat up. He pushed her up, and she sat up too, topless. But her breasts were heaving and her face wore an incredibly aroused expression.

I was a little surprised. I had expected their amorous activities to go all the way right there in the bus. Instead, they had stopped midway and were sitting up. This seemed strange.

“Niyati, are you…are you still okay?” I whispered worriedly even as I realized how pointless that question seemed.

“I am still okay.” she replied in Hindi, and then asked sarcastically, “Are you still erect?”

Before I could say anything, Ustaad and Raju started giggling. What was happening?

“Niyati, come on.” I protested, tears welling up in my eyes, because yes, I was still erect. The laughing continued.

“I’m sorry for that sarcastic comment. I really am. I wasn’t thinking straight at that moment.” Niyati said.

“Well, what were you thinking?”

“I was…well…you still want me to continue being completely honest?”

“Yes please.”

“I was extremely resentful.”

“Because of the erection?”

“Not just that. Although at that time, it did seem like a big betrayal. But as I think back, whatever happened, was because of a larger problem.”

“What larger problem?”

“The problem with us!”

“There was a problem with us???” this was news to me. I thought we had a happy marriage.

“The very fact that you don’t even seem aware of the problem shows what a big problem it was.” she said, miffed.

“Then please explain it to me.”

“The whole start-up thing…you pushed it on me. And never realized how it affected us.” she said angrily.

“What????” this was a shock to me. “I thought you supported me.”

“I did support you. I do still support you. But if it were up to me, I would not have done it. We had good jobs, good lives, a good relationship, a good marriage. And then you…no, please let me finish… you risked it all for some pipe dream. Pinching pennies, inviting stress, turning our lives upside down. Do you know the last time we had sex before that trip?”

“I…it was…” Honestly, I could not remember.

“I can tell you. It was over 4 months ago. Because every night, we have to be in the office till late. Work our asses off. And I know, I know, it’s a great idea with a great potential, and we may become millionaires or even billionaires, but at what cost? Ever since the start-up got going, we have been like two roommates rather than husband or wife.” Niyati ranted.

“I…I am sorry. I never realized…”

“I know you didn’t. It’s just the way you are. But you have to understand what position that put me in. It’s been an unhappy year emotionally. And an unhappy year physically. But I kept going because I knew how much it all meant to you.”

“I am so sorry.” I put my face in my hands.

“I am sorry too. I hope you realize that what happened that night. There was a lot that made it happen. I am not saying I am blameless. I fully accept my fault. I just want you to know what was driving my at that time. That resentment that had built up. The lack of physical intimacy. All that stress. Your continuing erection. And of course, his alpha-male-ness…I was just…” she stopped and shrugged.

“Yes, I get it.” I said.

Suddenly the bus started slowing down. I looked out the window to see if we were approaching some town. But it was still all dark and the roads were lined by trees. Finally the bus stopped by the side of the road near what was a small cigarette-and-chai shop. Not even a proper dhaba like earlier. It was a tiny tin shack with one light bulb and a couple of benches, Certainly not a stop I would have expected. But there we were. A couple of passengers started stretching in the front, but stayed in their seats.

“My darling, we are going to step out and get some air.” Ustaad put his hands around my wife’s naked shoulders.

“Like this?” she quietly pointed to her boobs.

“No. Not like this…” he bent down and picked up her cardigan. “Wear this.”

I watched silently as my wife pulled on the cardigan over her naked torso and buttoned it up. She did not seem the least bit bothered or discomfited by the situation. She did not have on a bra or a shirt. Just wearing a cardigan over her naked breasts. And yet, no discomfort. Who was this woman, I thought? Didn’t she realize that the shape of her breasts and her erect poking nipples would be evident to everyone she passed, including the bus driver.

“I did feel a little weird wearing that cardigan. But I also felt strangely liberated. All my life I have been so worried about what I were because someone might misbehave. But with him, here I was, my boobs so obviously apparent, but because he was there, no one would dare say or do anything.”

“As opposed to me. Without a gun.” I said sullenly.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“We will be outside for a while. You have an amazing wife, man.” Ustaad said as he slipped out of his seat and patted me on the shoulder. “I will take good care of her, don’t you worry. Raju, make sure that whatever saab wants to eat or drink is free. We owe him that much.”


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He then chuckled and started walking. My wife, wearing her sweatpants and only her cardigan, obediently followed him without making eye-contact with me. The bus was at a standstill. Because it was the middle of the night, the driver had not turned the lights on. But the light from outside streamed in. I noticed a lot of men noticing my wife’s chest as she passed them. The two of them stepped out of the bus.

I watched from the window as Ustaad held her hand and led her into the trees and beyond by the side of the shack. The driver, lighting a cigarette near the shack saw them and smiled knowingly. I put my hands on my eyes to stop the tears.

“Saab.” Raju patted my back. “I know you are depressed right now. But trust me, Ustaad is a nice guy. He will treat your wife well.”I was sitting in the crappy rexine seat, my face in my hands, at my wits end. An hour ago, I had been a successful start-up founder with my gorgeous and intelligent loyal wife by my side, heading towards the greatest deal of my life. A deal that could make me a millionaire if not a billionaire. But now here I was, in a totally different situation. Having watched my wife willingly walk away with a willing thug into the dark woods, worried about her chastity and safety.

I guess Raju saw how distraught I was.

“Get up, saab. Let’s go get some chai.” he said, nudging me.

We walked out of the bus and towards the shack. I got a few weird looks from the other passengers. I soon realized it was because of my visible hard-on but I didn’t care. Raju got me a cup of chai, a samosa and offered me a cigarette. I hadn’t smoked in almost a decade, but I felt the situation warranted it. So I took it.

“I want to go where they are.” I said after taking a lot swig of the chai and taking a long drag from the cigarette.

“Why, saab?” Raju sincerely asked. He had put his knife away. It was almost like we were buddies now. In his mind, at least.

“I just want to make sure she is okay.” I said, exhaling the smoke. I had forgotten how good it felt.

“She will be okay. Trust me.” he said, rubbing my shoulder in an overly familiar way. “I know he seems scary but Ustaad is a gentle soul.”

“Yeah, right!”

“Trust me, saab. Your wife will not be hurt. You needn’t worry about it. Unless….” he smiled.


“Unless…..well…you want to watch it.”

“Watch what?”

“You think they are solving crossword puzzles in there?” Raju said and started laughing loudly at his own joke. The driver was close to us and he snickered at me too.

“Just let me go there.” I said earnestly. “If Ustaad gets angry, so be it.”

“Hehe, you think I am stopping you because of him? You think he will get angry?”

“Won’t he?”

“Fuck no! He likes it when husbands are watching. I am just trying to spare you the torture.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh saab…you still haven’t learned.” he tapped me in a friendly way on the shoulder again, and then launched into a long monologue. “I have seen Ustaad in action with women before. He is a predator. And they are a willing prey. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it is his big burly body or his arrogant personality. Most women have a natural attraction to it. Sure, it doesn’t start off that way. It starts off with his threats and brandishing a weapon. But a few moves from him and they are putty in his arms. You saw what happened in the bus. Your wife is no different. She wants him now. It’s not your fault. It’s just how he is. And you have seen how things progressed so far. Do you really want to see the next episode? Do you want to see her wanting him?”

“I do.” my ears felt hot.

“But why, man?” Raju seemed perplexed. “I assure you that in a few hours, he and I will be gone and you can forget the whole thing ever happened. Like a bad accident.”

“I still want to be there.” I angrily said.

“Fine, come along.” Raju said.

He picked up a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and walked towards the trees. I followed him. We took a few steps when he stopped and turned around.

“Where the fuck are you going?” he loudly said.

I thought he was talking to me. So I opened my mouth to say something when I heard a voice behind me.

“To watch, asshole. You goons have made me stop my bus in the middle of nowhere. You think I don’t want to watch that shapely memsaab get banged?”

It was the driver. A wiry old fella. I was in half a mind to stop him but Raju just shrugged, turned around, and started walking.

“He is right. I owe him that much. Just so you know, saab, we might have to search around a little. I know Ustaad went in this way and I know how he usually picks his spots. But we have never been here before.” Raju said.

“Just get me there please.” I said.

Every step I took, I was acutely aware of what I was walking towards. My high class educated sophisticated wife had just walked off into the wood with a goon, dressed in a flimsy cardigan and sweatpants. I had seen how she was writhing beneath his hairy body in the confines of the cramped bus seat. I kinda knew how she would be with him in the open. But I still kept walking, my hard-on intact.

Raju was right. We did have to search around a bit. He initially took us in a direction that led us towards an open field with no one there. It was still darkness as far as the eye could see. We back-tracked to a fork and went in the other direction. That led us to a small pond. But no humans around. So we back-tracked a little further and course-corrected until we reached our destination.

As we approached the end of the woods, I started hearing some slurping and groaning noises. I started to run towards them but Raju stopped me with his knife.

“Stay here.” he harshly said and walked towards the end of the tree-line. He looked out and smiled.

“What is it?” I asked. “Is it them?”

“Yes, come over, you two.” he whispered to me and the driver who had silently been accompanying us.

The driver and I joined Raju and peered towards the direction he was pointing in.

There was a small ravine past the trees. There I saw the Ustaad standing, topless, with his pants open. And in front of him, squatting, was my gorgeous wife, naked from the waist down, wearing just an open cardigan. I felt betrayed and aroused at the same time.


“Since we are being so honest, I am curious. What happened before that moment that I saw you almost naked sucking his dick so hungrily in the woods?” I asked, sounding obviously bitter.


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“Well, if you must know…..” she said, equally bitterly. “…..I followed him off the bus and into the woods. I will not lie to you. I was feeling very horny. I wanted him. Much of it, I think, was to punish you. But I also really wanted him in the carnal sense.”

“Did you?” I asked, being extra bitter.

“I am just being totally honest. Yes, I did want him. He is a big brutish hairy muscular alpha-male. It set off some primeval button inside me. And I was still upset with you for your erection. And of course, the whole start-up nonsense.”

“So you wanted to punish me?” I asked quietly.

“Partly.” she also answered quietly. “Partly, I wanted to punish you. But mostly, and I am being totally honest, I wanted to feel him inside me. Call me a slut or a characterless harlot or whatever but I was just completely and totally in his thrall. Like a bitch in heat. I am telling you this with brutal honesty because I don’t want you to think it was all your fault. Much of it was me acting on my natural urges.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“I don’t know. I am just being honest. Yes, the evil brute slid up to me when I was alone and half-sleepy and held a gun to my stomach. Yes, he forced himself on me initially. But as time went by, I gave in to him, voluntarily. Because of the evil brute he was. Does that make me a sick evil slut?”

“You tell me.” I said.

She just stared at me with tears in her eyes.

“I was hoping you would say no.” she softly said.

I sighed.

“Honey, obviously, I don’t think you are a sick evil slut.”

“Then what am I?” she yelled.

“I just….I just want to know what I said earlier.”


“What happened before that moment that I saw you almost naked sucking his dick so hungrily in the woods?”

“Oh right.” she nodded. “You really want those details, after everything you saw?”



“Just tell me.”

It seemed for a moment like she would make a sarcastic comment. But then she started telling me what I wanted to hear.

“Ok, as you wish. Where was I? I got off the bus wearing that flimsy cardigan. Yes, I saw how the other men in the bus hungrily stared at my tits. But I didn’t care. I followed him into the woods. I was that horny. He walked through the trees randomly, left and right. I asked him, do you know where we are doing. He turned around and asked me, does your husband satisfy you sexually? And he laughed. I said, yes, my husband satisfies me sexually….when he wants to. But lately he has been very busy. He just chuckled and kept walking.”

“Listen, Niyati, I am sorry I got so caught up with work that I didn’t even realize that….”

“I know, honey.” she put her hand on mine lovingly. “I know. Just let me tell you what happened. Honestly.”

“Okay.” I said, kissing her hand.

“Obviously, the guy was not just a sadistic bully with violence with a gun, but he was also a master manipulator. And I got manipulated. I admit it. I am not proud of it. But I did get manipulated. So by the time he led me to that ravine beyond the trees, I was extra resentful about you. And like putty in his hands.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Stop saying that.” she wiped a tear off her cheek. “Anyway….we reached the ravine. I was still unsure about what to do. But then he ordered me to take off my pants. I did that. He then said, take off your panties too. And I did. Looking back, I feel so stupid obeying, but he had a hold over me. So then I was standing there in front of him, wearing just that cardigan, and shivering because of the cold. He smiled and unzipped his pants. Took his erect cock out. Said, come here, and suck this.”

“And you immediately did?” I angrily asked. “All these years of marriage and you only suck my cock on special occasions. For him….”

“I am sorry.” she rubbed my hand again. “I am so sorry. But yes, for the sake of honesty, he asked me to suck his cock. And I obediently went and squatted in front of him. I put that hard bulbous shaft in my mouth and started hungrily sucking it. He complimented me on my technique, which made me try even harder. He started unbuttoning my cardigan. I told him I was feeling cold. He said that I will warm up soon when he fucks me. And I blushed at the thought. And kept sucking his cock, with my cardigan open. Is that when you arrived?”

“Yes.” I said, rubbing her hand back.


Raju pressed his palm on my shoulder in sympathy as I saw that Niyati was squatting in front of Ustaad for a very obvious reason. She was giving him a blowjob. And as I watched, it became clear that it wasn’t just some forced reluctant blowjob. It was an eager enthusiastic blowjob. I could see her thrusting her face forward to take as much of his dick in as possible. Every time she thrust forward, the fat on her naked squatting ass jiggled. She was even making gagging noises that we could hear 100 feet away. After a few seconds, I couldn’t watch anymore, and turned away.

“Why so sad, man?” the bus driver spoke to me for the first time. “You wife is an amazing cocksucker. You are lucky. I envy you.”

I didn’t say to him that he shouldn’t envy me because my wife rarely sucks my cock. It is something reserved for my birthday and our anniversary. ‘It feels so uncomfortable and icky in my mouth, honey’ she used to say. ‘I can’t do it everyday, it is so icky’ she used to say. And I respected her. And yet, here she was, sucking this thug’s dick like her life depended on it. It was yet another blow to my self-respect.


Raju and the driver kept watching Niyati suck Ustaad’s cock, squatting in front of him like a whore. I could not. I turned away. But I could still hear my two companions talking.

“Just look at her. She is such a hungry slut.” the driver said.

“Easy, man. She is his wife.” Raju considerately said.

“Oh yes, sorry saab. But your wife is a cock hungry slut.”

“Will you shut up and watch silently?” Raju scolded him in a whisper.

“Okay okay……actually I am thinking of going down there myself.”

“Not yet.”

“But you promised me…”

“What???” I finally spoke up angrily. “What did he promise you?”

“I mean….you don’t know?” the driver said uncomfortably.

“No….what did he promise you? What did you promise him?” I angrily looked at Raju.

The guy just shrugged and smiled and said,

“Isn’t it obvious, saab? He drives a bus and gets paid just a few hundred rupees by his boss. If he is late, they penalize him half his pay. So I went up to him and said, if you pull over the bus and make a stop, my Ustaad will give you ten minutes with that gorgeous high class memsaab.”


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“What???” I was shocked. “You whored out my wife to this driver?”

“Saab, with all due respect, look at what is happening down there. Isn’t she a whore already?”

I looked at the ravine. By now, Ustaad had taken off Niyati’s cardigan. Even in the cold foggy weather, she was fully naked, squatting in front of him, giving him a sincere blowjob. I thought to myself, isn’t Raju right? Isn’t Niyati a whore already? But I still couldn’t admit it to him. I just sat down on a stone and looked away.

“So should I go?” the driver asked.

“Just wait.” Raju stopped him.

“For what?”

“Let Ustaad fuck her first.”

I slapped my forehead when I heard that. It was such a plain and simple statement. But it represented a huge massive tumultuous change in my life. Let Ustaad fuck her first. Which meant that Ustaad was definitely going to fuck her soon. No one was in any doubt that it would happen. I was not. From the moment he had put his hands down her pants in the bus and I had heard her moan loudly, I knew that it was bound to happen. My wife of many years would be fucked out in the open in rural Bihar by some random thug. And I could not stop it.

“Oh look, is it happening now?” the driver said.

I got up and forced myself to look at the ravine.

Niyati, who has until now been squatting buck naked giving the thug a blowjob, was now standing up in front of the Ustaad. He was smiling. He quietly kicked his pants and underwear away. Even from that angle, I saw my wife blush, as if he were some desirable suitor. I wondered if she knew that I was watching. I also wondered if it would make any difference.

“Lie down on the ground.” I heard Ustaad say.

I watched heartbroken as my wife’s ample ass lowered itself to the rough muddy ground and she laid down for her new lover. I also watched heartbroken as she spread her legs for him and her left hand meaningfully played with her crotch.

“Damn, she is begging him to fuck her.” the driver said excitedly as I wiped a tear away. But I kept looking at what was happening in the ravine.

Ustaad was pleased by Niyati’s horny gesture, and also perhaps a little surprised.

“You want me to fuck you?” he asked

And my heart shattered into a million pieces as I heard my gorgeous wife’s voice say,

“Yes I want you to fuck me.”

“You really want me to fuck you?” he said reaching for his pants pocket.

As he was doing that, I noticed Raju suddenly whip out his phone and hold it up.

“What are you doing?” I asked Raju.

“Shut up, saab, let the lady say what she wants.” he answered.

I suddenly realized what was happening. I wanted to yell out to Niyati, no don’t say say it. But before I could get the words out, I saw that Ustaad had taken his phone out and was holding it up too. And I looked at my wife. Her eyes were closed. Her legs were parted wide. Her pussy was throbbing. And her lips were open as she yelled,


“Okay, as you wish.” Ustaad said and dropped to his knees in front of her.

And the last bit of fight and hope went out of me.

Even with everything that was happening, I had still held out the hope that we could put Ustaad behind bars for what he had done. By going to the police. But now, even that hope was dashed. There were now two videos, one from Ustaad’s phone and another from Raju’s phone, with my wife explicitly yelling out that she wanted him to fuck her. I was now completely defeated.

Feeling thus completely defeated, I watched as my gorgeous classy educated petite busty naked wife lay on the dirty ground a 100 feet away from me, her legs wide open, begging the Ustaad to shove his dick into her wet waiting cunt.


“Did you know, when you loudly asked him to fuck you, that he was recording you on the phone?”

“Honestly….I had an inkling….but I did not fully realize the meaning of it. I was too horny, honey. Too eager to feel his throbbing dick inside me. That’s just the truth.” Niyati said, ashamed.

“You know that it means we can never accuse him of….”

“Can we honestly accuse him of it, anyway? You saw me.” Niyati bit her lip and asked me. “Would it be ethical?”

“I guess not.” I glumly said.


“Damn, she begged him to fuck her. You heard it.” the driver said eagerly. “Can I go at least now?”

Raju and I were watching what was happening in the ravine. Ustaad was on the ground between Niyati’s legs, his erect dick swinging up and down. He lowered his torso onto hers and kissed her. She kissed back, for the first time that night. It was an extra dagger in my heart. My wife passionately kissing another man. That too a thug. He put his right hand on her naked left nipple and pinched it. I felt the pain.

From my vantage point in the tree line 100 feet away, I saw Ustaad keep kissing my naked wife and roughly play with her boobs as he pushed his hips forward. His erect dick was right in front of her open gaping wet cunt.

“Fuck it, I am going in!!!” the driver loudly yelled. And he started running down the slope.

Raju and I were staring at Ustaad’s dick as it was about to penetrate my wife’s cunt.


“Are you sure you want to watch this?” Raju said.


“It won’t be easy to watch. I have seen Ustaad fuck many women. What happened till now isn’t even the trailer.”

I had no doubt about it. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the scene.

Her legs spread in the air, my naked slutty wife braced for penetration. She was used to my gentle technique, so seemed almost shocked when the big brute rammed the entire length of his erection into her in one swift motion.

“Owww! Slowly!” she cried out. Niyati has a tighter cunt than average and from what I had seen, Ustaad was thicker than me.

“Shut up.” Ustaad growled and ignoring her entreaties, started pounding her hard.

It was an obscene perverted scene. My petite wife’s milky white body started to shudder and move back and forth under the big burly thug’s dark hairy hulk. Her initial cries suggested pain and discomfort as I saw the grimace on her face. But I also noticed that she wasn’t struggling back or trying to push him off. In fact she wrapped her right leg around his back as if to pull him in even more. Ustaad lowered his torso until he was fully on top of her and started biting her neck as he fucked her.

“What are you going here?” he gruffly asked as the driver who was now about to approach their writhing bodies in the ravine.


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“Raju said that I could fuck…”

“Go fuck Raju then.” he said with an air of finality.

Niyati meanwhile seemed in a completely different reality. She had barely registered the driver’s presence, much less look at him. Her eyes were open but she was just lustily staring at her new lover’s face and making very unladylike grunting noises with each stroke. But I was a little relieved that Ustaad wasn’t going to share her with this random guy.

The driver found Ustaad’s personality intimidating….who didn’t? And just quietly stood there, watching the fucking at close quarters.

“My…..back…..is…..unggghhhhh” Niyati implored Ustaad. Of course your back is hurting you fucking slut, I felt like shouting. You will laid down on rough pebbly ravine ground and spread your legs for the asshole. Gave him the total green signal. You think he is going to care about you the way I do?

But in this, it seemed he did care a little. He put one arm under her waist, another under her shoulder and lifted her off the ground. I watched in amazement as he effortlessly stood up and lifted her with him. And then started pounding her standing up.

My wife’s petite voluptuous body was now hanging off his oak-like frame, her arms locked in his neck. Her ankles were locked behind his waist as he hammered her cunt mercilessly. Her big jiggling ass swayed back and forth, banging against his sturdy hips. And I realized that it wasn’t just Ustaad pistoning her, but she was also humping back even in that weird pose.

“Oh fuckkkk….I am cumming!!” Niyati cried out. She started shrieking and shaking as Ustaad pressed her ass harder against him with his big palm.

“Already???” I whispered in disbelief.

“I told you saab.” Raju shrugged. “You should not be watching this.”


“That…that first orgasm…was it real? Or did you fake it to….”

“I really don’t think talking about such details is a good idea.” Niyati deflected.


“Fine. If you insist. Yes, it was very real. Even I was surprised because usually…..” she trailed off.

“I know about usually. I am the poor sap who is the usually.”

“Please don’t do that to yourself.” Niyati gave me a sad smile. “There is nothing wrong with your sexual technique. You have to understand that those orgasms were less about his skill and more about the depravity of the situation. The newness of it, the wrongness of it. For god’s sake, I was buck naked being fucked in the open in a ravine by a burly ape whose name I didn’t even know. Even my wildest fantasies are tamer than that reality. That itself would have been enough to push me over the edge. Remember, you yourself were so aroused.”


“Did you….never mind.”

“Did I what?”

“No, nothing.”

“Did you jack off while you were watching all this?”



Honestly, what I did wasn’t technically jacking off. Yes, I had been sporting a raging hard-on the entire time. So raging that it was starting to hurt. As I watched my previously chaste wife holler her way through an orgasm hanging off his body, I could feel rumblings in my balls. I did take my dick out. But it was just so the semen wouldn’t mess up my pants.

“Haha.” Raju noticed what I had done.

“Shut up.” I said, as I felt that sense of guilt and ennui that often follows an orgasm for men. I just suddenly felt very disinterested.

I turned around and started walking away.

“Where are you going?” Raju asked.

“You were right. No good can come out of me watching this.”

And angrily, I strode away.

I was so distraught while walking away and thinking of so many things, that I did not really pay attention to where I was going. The woods were thick, it was foggy, and things were very confusing. It took me about 20 minutes of walking to realize that I was hopelessly lost. And another ten minutes to start panicking. The fog seemed to be getting thicker and thicker. This was all I needed. After everything that had gone wrong, this was really the shit cherry on the shit sundae.

I considered yelling out, hoping that Raju or the driver would hear me. Or even my wife, although it did not seem like she would care. She only had eyes for Ustaad tonight, literally and figuratively. I started wondering if our marriage was over. I decided not to yell out because I didn’t know whether it was safe. For all I knew, there were a dozen other Ustaad types hanging out in the woods.

So I tried my best to figure out my bearings. I finally found a narrow trail path. I was sure this would get me back to the road. But in which direction? Just as I was trying to figure it out, I heard rustling of leaves and some soft voices. Unsure of who it was, I hid behind a couple of trees.

“Come on, please. Don’t make me do that.”

My ears perked up. It was Niyati’s voice. But despite the words being negative in nature, the tone was a bit playful. The footsteps and the voices got closer.

“A deal is a deal, darling. I am a man of my word.” Ustaad said flatly.

“But he is so sleazy and scrawny.” she protested.

For a moment, I thought she was talking about me and I get angry and humiliated. But Ustaad’s next words cleared my misconception.

“It’s what was promised to him for stopping the bus out of schedule. And it’s just ten minutes.”

And the two of them passed by me. I was well hidden so they did not see me. But I saw them. Niyati had put whatever clothes she had back on. I started following them at a distance, partly to hear more and partly hoping they would lead me back to the bus. She was walking a step behind him.

“Pleeeeeeease.” she sprinted up and hugged him lovingly, giggling. “I will make it worth your while.”

What the hell was wrong with her? She was talking like a silly smitten teenager, not a high class married career woman who had just been forced at gunpoint.

What happened next shocked me as well as Niyati. The big brute pushed her away haughtily and then with a look of derision said,

“You fucking slut. Don’t try to get cute with me. I am not your boyfriend or husband that you can twist around your finger.”

“I know.” Niyati said almost wistfully.

“I saw you, found you hot, seduced you, fucked you, and that is it. You are a piece of ass. A piece of ass that I am honor-bound to share with that driver.”

Following them, I heard this and felt a mix of anger and delight. Anger because of how insulting he was being. And delight for the same reason. At that moment, I felt that she deserved it.

She opened her mouth to reason with him some more but he held his hand up.

“Because I fucked you so well and make you cum like a fountain so many times, you seem to think this is some romantic picnic. It is not. Remember who is in charge here. Either you willingly spend ten minutes with the driver. Or I can make you do it at gunpoint.”


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“Fine.” Niyati reluctantly said.

“And the next time you try to talk yourself out of spending time with the driver, I swear, you will be sorry. Don’t test me. I am warning you for the last time.”

They walked in silence for a minute and then she spoke up again.

“What about us?”

“What about us?”

“Don’t you want to….do it again?” she shrugged and said.

“Damn woman! I just banged your brains out for a long time and you’re still hungry?” he sounded surprised.

“Not hungry as such. I just wouldn’t mind it.” Niyati coyly said.

“Well, the bus needs to get going. And the seats are too cramped to do it in there. You have seen my technique.”

And the slut actually blushed.

“Also” he continued. “There are other passengers. I know they won’t complain because they are scared of me. But still, I don’t want them to lose sleep.”

“Forget the bus driver then. He is scared of you too. Why don’t we use this time to…..you know….right here?” she cocked her head sideways and smiled.

He stopped and stared at her. She smiled back seductively. I felt like jumping out at shaking her hard to make her realize what she was becoming.

“Take off your clothes.” he sharply said.

She didn’t need to be told twice. In less than ten seconds, she had thrown off her cardigan and sweatpants. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties anymore. Probably got left behind in the ravine.

Fully naked, she lunged towards him. He however, caught her by the shoulders and held her still.

“Wait a moment.” he said and picked up her clothes.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” Niyati yelled out. Even I barely suppressed a cry of horror.

The big brute had rolled up her two remaining garments into a ball and thrown it high up into a tree.

“I had given you a final warning. Told you not to test me.”

“But…but…” Niyati almost started hyperventilating.

“In our village, when a woman forgets her place, we punish her by parading her naked in front of everyone. That is going to be your punishment for being an insolent bitch.”

“But…oh no….”

“You are going to stay naked like this even when you get in the bus. Everyone is going to see you like this. And you and I are going to sit on the front seat so newer passengers also see you. Don’t you dare trying to get clothes from your bag or I will make things even worse.” he menacingly said.

And started walking. Utterly defeated and all the playfulness flown out of her, my wife started following him naked. Soon they approached a spot where the driver was waiting with Raju.

The two guys waiting there had already seen her naked and getting fucked by Ustaad earlier. But even they looked taken aback at her walking towards them without a stitch of clothing on her petite voluptuous body. They were probably so taken in by it that they did not notice what I noticed. A big change in Niyati’s body language.

When she had willingly followed Ustaad out of the bus, there had been a spring in her step. She was horny and excited. Even when she passed other passengers and they checked out her barely covered boobs through her cardigan, it seemed to turn her on. The woman walking towards them shivering and naked now was like a fully different person. her shoulders were slumped, her face was downcast. There was not a hint of excitement or arousal in her body.

“Ten minutes.” Ustaad flatly said and kept walking. Raju cast one quick glance at my wife’s tits and followed him. I stayed there behind a tree, watching.

The scrawny eager looking driver almost jumped at my wife and locked her in a clumsy embrace. She didn’t fight back but did not participate either. Just stood there, as if wanting it all to get over.

He pushed her against a tree and started feasting on her ample boobs. It was a far cry from the authoritative and skillful way in which Ustaad had played with her boobs. The driver reminded me a bit of a hungry Rocky eating bread from a bowl. His face moved furiously from one breast to another, many times shaking in between them. His teeth kept gnawing at the huge boobs in short repeated biting motions as his tongue slobbered all over. His hands seemed unsure of where they wanted to be, at times grabbing her tits, then rubbing her pussy, then feeling up her ass and then again to the boobs.

“You are so beautiful, memsaab. This is a dream come true.” he said.

If he was hoping for a response, there wasn’t one forthcoming. Niyati just stood there, her hands limply by her side, letting this scrawny little runt attack her body any way he wanted. It was nothing like when she was with Ustaad and her hands roamed all over his body passionately. But the driver didn’t seem too bothered by it. He had pretty much hit a lottery in getting access to her. It was bound to be the ten most memorable minutes of his pathetic meaningless life.

He then squatted in front of her and hips lips and tongue started attacking her shaved pussy as his fingers poked and prodded around. Yet again, there was no skill or method on display, just the furious thought-free machinations and movements of a guy I was starting to wonder might even be a virgin. If so, imagine a genuine high class nymph like Niyati being his first. Lucky bastard.

Even in all this, the fear of Ustaad wasn’t far from his mind, because he quickly checked his watch to see how much of his ten minutes were remaining. He must have decided, not enough, because the foreplay suddenly stopped.

“Turn around.” he said.

Niyati robotically turned to face the tree. He put his hand on her shoulder to make her bend over. She put her hands on the tree and complied.

Even in that painful and hopeless situation, I got a thrill of arousal looking at my wife’s round bulging creamy white ass in that position. The perfect shape of those globes smoothly leading down to shapely legs. The way her tits hung free from her chest like big mangoes. A naked woman bent over is really the most alluring primeval erotic sight for a man. That is how the animal kingdom fucks and as the events that night had amply shown, we humans are basically animals.

The driver’s expression showed that he found that sight irresistible as well. He gently spanked her substantial ass cheeks a couple of times, making them jiggle wildly. And then he entered her. And again, started resembling a Rocky as he pounded her without any real rhythm or technique.


“I barely remember the driver or what he did to me, honestly. I don’t even remember what he looked like. I was in a really sad mood and my mind was elsewhere. I have no idea if he fucked me for ten minutes or ten seconds.” Niyati said in a bored voice.

“Unlike your memorable fuckfest with that big goon?” I snorted. She looked at me pointedly.


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“Are you really upset over infidelity or just jealous that someone else satisfied me so thoroughly?”


“Sorry, that was….that was mean.” she said.


Niyati might not know how long he fucked her, but I saw it first hand. It was barely a minute, if that. The scrawny little fella fucked her hard with his hands on her as, and pretty soon, the eroticness of the situation and the sheer voluptuousity of my wife’s naked body pushed him over the edge. He shot his load into her and then just stayed like that, as if cursing himself for cumming so soon.

As I watched that sorry display, I realized why I had no trouble watching everything although I had walked away from the scene with Ustaad. And it had to do with what Niyati said above. Watching her fuck session with Ustaad was very emasculating because he was banging her in a way I never had been able to. She was so thoroughly enjoying herself that continuing to watch it, hearing her beg him to fuck her, was devastating for my ego.

But with the driver, I was feeling a sense of….schadenfreude. She wasn’t enjoying it. She had been bullied into it. And yet she was being used and Pervert Exploitd. It seemed like a great punishment and in a way, made me feel better about myself.

Until his dick shriveled back to normal and slipped out of my wife’s slutty cunt, he stayed bent over her, playing with her boobs. Her face was still very neutral. She had not made the slightest noise during that shortlived fuck, as opposed to the time with Ustaad when she was howling like a wild animal.

“Come on, time is up.” Raju strolled in.

The driver instantly stepped away from my wife, who then straightened and started wiping the cum off her inner thighs.

“Go start the bus. We will be leaving soon.” Raju said, lighting a cigarette.

He looked around and then suddenly noticed me hiding in the trees. He smiled and then made a gesture with his thumb asking me to go back to the bus. Niyati was still wiping the cum off so she didn’t see it. I stayed in place. Then with a stern expression and an even sterner gesture, Raju communicated to me that I should leave.

I did. It took me just a couple of minutes to get back to the side of the road. There were half a dozen passengers still milling around. The driver had walked up to the shack and was having chai, standing next to Ustaad who was sitting on a stool as if it were a royal throne. I walked up near him, but he didn’t as much as acknowledge my presence. I stood there alone, not sure about what to do. A few of the passengers were stealing glances at me. It seemed like word had spread about what had happened. But did they know what was about to happen?

“Oh fuck!!! Look at that!!!” one of the men yelled out and stood up.

I turned to look. And sure enough a couple of hundred feet away, there came my slutty wife, completely naked, calmly walking towards the bus. It seemed like she had finally found some sense of shame and modesty, because she had her left arm covering her nipples and her right hand covering her pussy. And her head was lowered as she walked. Raju was two steps behind her, as if there to be her bodyguard. He looked at Ustaad. And I saw Ustaad make some gesture to him.

Raju quickly stepped up to my wife and whispered something in her ear. She shook her head. He whispered again. And reluctantly, she dropped her arms to her side. Now the passengers waiting around, the guy running the shack, and of course I got to see her nakedness in its full glory. She straightened her head and stared forward as she walked.

I alternated between staring at my wife and the audience. Many of them had bulges in their pants. Most of them had their mouths open and eyes wide. And several of them were making appreciative comments that I overheard.

“Such big and firm tits. Heavenly.”

“Look at that bald pussy.”

“And such a gorgeous face.”

“Damn, what an ass. I could ram it all night.”

And so on. The comments were lewd and suggestive. These were all lower middle class blue collar men from rural Bihar. Watching an ethereal high class beauty like this naked in person was something beyond their wildest dreams. I am sure many of them wanted to pounce on her. But no one made a move. By now, everyone knew who was in charge. And no one was brave enough to take on Ustaad. Neither was I, became I thought about rushing and covering her up with something. But I didn’t.

Niyati’s naked walk of shame lasted about a couple of minutes. As she reached the door of the bus, she looked at me with a sad expression. When the thing started, she had seemed sad and humiliated. But by the end, i thought she was getting comfortable with it. Ustaad sauntered up to her and led her into the bus. The driver honked his horn. And everyone started getting back to their seats. Except Niyati, who was sitting in the front seat with her new lover.


“So…about your Queen Cersei moment…” I sarcastically said.

“My what?” Niyati looked confused.

“You know…..Game of Thrones.”

“Oh….right.” she blushed.

“Why did you do that?” I knew why. But I wanted to see what she would say, because she did not know I had heard everything.

“It wasn’t really….I was….I mean….I’d rather not talk about it.” she stammered a little and said. I guess even with all this honesty, it was humiliating for her to tell me what had actually happened. She had tried to bribe the thug with more sex and he had treated her like a village tart.

“Why not?” I pushed on.

“I just…don’t want to, okay? But if it makes you feel any better, it was a lot like that Cersei scene. Yes, I made mistakes. But I did not deserve that.”

“By the time you reached the bus, it looked like you were enjoying it.” I said with more sarcasm than needed. And instantly felt bad.

“I wasn’t….ENJOYING it!!” she shot back. “I was just coming to terms with it. Trying to get used to it.”

“Is that why you proudly sat naked on the front seat for all those hours?”

“Fuck you!!” she got angry.


But she did sit there as commanded. Everyone got back on the bus, getting a detailed look at my naked wife. I was the second last to get on, with Raju behind me. He nudged me towards my original seat.

“Stay here. It will be over soon.” he said and went to the front.

I tried to sleep, but could not. My wife was buck naked curled up in the arms of a thug. Many of the passengers kept tiptoeing to the front all night to get another look at her tits or her ass. No one tried anything more though.


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It was a good three hours later when the bus started slowing down again. I saw Ustaad say something to Niyati. She got up and reached for one of our bags. There was an audible collective sigh of disappointment in the bus as she pulled out some clothes and started putting them on. Soon she was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt.

The bus stopped in some town whose name I forget. But it was evidently Ustaad and Raju’s destination. As they got off, they didn’t even look at my wife. Not even a thank you or a good bye. Niyati stared wistfully at the brute’s back for a while and then started walking back towards me.

There really isn’t much more to say about the rest of the night. Niyati sat on a seat across from me, but avoided eye contact. I had no idea what to say to her. The sun rose soon and maybe it was the disinfecting effect of the sunlight, but none of the passengers tried anything. We reached Lucknow just in time for the flight. Flew back. The entire team, none of us exchanged a word.

I had considered canceling the investor meeting. But considering the hefty personal price I had paid for it, I went through with it. It went well. We got a big boost of capital. When I got home from the meeting, there was a note pinned to the refrigerator.

“I will be at my parents for a while – N”

I tore up the note. Texted my co-founder friend the good news. And sat on the couch crying.

It was almost a month later that Niyati called and said she was coming home but just to pick up her things. And that’s when we had the conversation.


“So……what next?” I asked.

“What next?” Niyati replied with a question.

“With us.”

“Is there still an us?”

“I….I don’t know. I love you. But whatever happened…”

“Isn’t easy to get past?”


“I love you too.”

We both sat in silence. I think we had yelled at each other, been sarcastic, cried enough for several hours as we rehashed that night.

“About the start-up.” I said. “You have been very involved since the beginning. I will be happy to sign over half my ownership share, especially in light of the new investment.”

“No…I don’t need that.” she waved the suggestion away.

“But the share is now worth….”

“I know what it is worth. I don’t care. It always meant more to you than it ever did to me. You can have it.”

We were silent again for a while.

“Would you like some coffee?” I said.

“No, I should get going.” she got up and started collecting her bags.

“I’ll help you.”

As we got out of the lift, I said,

“You still didn’t tell me what’s next for us.”

“You still didn’t tell me if there still is an us.” she wanly replied.

And we just stared at each other, uncertain about what to say, as her cab rolled up to the curb.