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A few more days passed since that day I came to know about Shilpa’s dalliances with Balram uncle. We had started talking normally, neither of us making any reference to “that” topic. I visited Balram uncle’s house a couple more times, but the servant always said he had no idea when he would return from Calcutta.

Then one night, when Shilpa came to bed, dressed in her usual sleeping garb, a t-shirt without a bra and shorts. She put her head on my chest and hugged me. This was her usual way sign for saying she wanted to have sex. We had not had sex since the day of the revelations. This would be the first time. I rolled her over and started kissing her. We kissed for a few minutes, and then I took her t-shirt off and started playing with her boobs. Licking and biting her nipples like she loved, I had gotten her turned on, and she started breathing heavily.

That’s when I said,


“Um hmm?” she moaned.

“I want to ask you something if you promise not to get upset.” I said.

She stayed silent for a few seconds, sighed and then said,


“Tell me about the first time he touched your boobs.” I said and started playing with her nipples again. She moaned, ran her fingers through my hair and said,

“Power cut.”

“What?” I asked, looking around, but the lights were on.

“There was a power cut. And it was a hot day.” she said.


“I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. With a bra, before you ask.”

“How many days was this after he felt up your ass for the first time?”

She paused a little and said,

“Maybe 3-4 days.”

“Had he been feeling you up on subsequent days too?”

“No. I stopped wearing skirts after that. Wore either jeans or shorts.” she answered.

“Okay, so there was a power cut. Then?”

She took a deep breath and said,

“It was getting very hot and we were both sweating. He asked me what part of the portrait I was working on, and I said his face. So he asked me if it was OK if he took off his shirt, because he was feeling very hot. I said OK, and he took his shirt off.”

“Revealing his huge paunch?” I asked, now kissing her neck.



“Then,” she continued “I continued painting. But it really was hot. So he said this is a very unfair world, because men can go topless any time, but women can’t. And he said how drenched my t-shirt was with sweat. Then he said I should take it off if I wanted. He promised he wouldn’t do anything. I said no, it was OK, but he insisted politely. Finally I though, what the heck. It was very hot, and I was wearing a bra anyway. So I took the t-shirt off.”

“And he saw your bra-covered tits?” I asked, sliding her shorts off.


“So how did he touch them?”

“I am coming to that.” she said, pushing my pyjamas down. “The bra was drenched too and sticking against my skin, so I had to keep adjusting it. That’s when he said I should take it off too. I said no thanks. And he said, take it off, make this old man’s day. said he hadn’t seen young women’s breasts in decades. He also said he had seen parts of me much more private anyway. So why be ashamed about the breasts?”

“Hmmmm” I said as I entered his sopping wet pussy with my hard cock.

“Ummm.” Shilpa said, reacting to my entry, and continued. “But I said or did nothing. So he got off the chair he was sitting on, came close to me. I didn’t say anything. Just stood like that. He stepped behind me and with one flick of his fingers, unhooked my bra. Ahhhhh.”

She moaned louder as I started pumping her harder.

“Go on.” I said throatily.

“He then pulled the bra and threw it on the floor, turned me around with his hands on my shoulder. And saw my boobs. He stared at them for a few seconds and then touched them. I wanted to stop him, but I felt what harm could a little feel do?”

She said all this with grunts and pauses in between because now I was fucking her in full earnest.

“What did he do? Describe it for me.” I said in between strokes.

“He fondled them, pressed them………. kissed them, licked them. Ahhh ohhhh..” she started yelling as her orgasm hit. usually, Shilpa didn’t make any noises in bed even when she came. So her moans and her narration drove me over the edge too. We both came together, shaking and quaking in each others arms.

Then we lay together like that, wrapped around each other for a few minutes. Finally I spoke.

“How long?”

“What?” she said.

“How long did he play with your boobs?”

“Maybe five minutes. And then the power came back on. So I told him to stop or else. And he did.”

“Didn’t you feel aroused?” I asked.

“No.” she said a little too quickly.

“Shilpa!” I said questioningly.

“Well…” she said.

“I know how sensitive your boobs are. It is impossible that you did not feel aroused.” I said.

“Yes, I did.”


“Well.” she said, “I went to bathroom and masturbated.”

“Hmm. Ok.”

“I am gonna go clean up.” she said and went to the bathroom to clean my semen from her pussy.

As I heard the water running in the bathroom, a bee was buzzing in my bonnet. What was it? What was I having trouble putting my finger on? It was something she said that didn’t sound quite right.

Then as I saw her step out of the bathroom naked, it hit me.

“Shilpa.” I said.

“Yes, Arun?” she replied, wiping her crotch with a towel.

“Why did he say he had seen parts of you much more private than your boobs?” I asked.


“You said that when he was convincing you to take your bra off, he said he had seen parts of you that were more private than your boobs anyway. So why be ashamed about the breasts? What did that mean?”

“Umm… I don’t know.” she said. “Maybe he meant my ass-cheeks.”



“Are you sure?” I asked.

“…..yes” she paused before answering.

“You paused. You’re lying, aren’t you, Shilpa?”

She didn’t say anything, just glared at me.

“Arun, will you please stop this cross-examination?” she said.

“Shilpa, listen to me. I promise you, I won’t divorce you or anything. I am not as upset by whatever you did with him, as I am by your lying. Just be honest with me.” I said.

“Arun, stop doing this to me. No good will come of it. Why do you want these details?” she said angrily.

“I just want to know the whole truth. Is that too much to ask?” I asked.

“Trust me Arun, it will only make you angrier. Let sleeping Rockys lie. I am not saying anything else” she said, put her clothes back on, and got into bed. She then closed her eyes and turned away from me.


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“He fucked you, didn’t he? That’s why you won’t tell me the whole truth?” I said.

She turned around, looked at me angrily and said,

“No! No! No! He did not.” she said

“Then just tell me what happened. Tell me the whole truth.” I said.

“OK fine. You want the whole truth. Here’s the whole truth.” she paused, took a deep breath and continued, “When I was teasing him with thongs under the skirt, he still didn’t touch me. He looked, he even commented. But I always said no touching. Since he was listening to me, I got bolder. So one day I wore a short skirt without wearing any panties. And then bent in front of him, and he said I was showing him everything. So I pretended that I had just forgotten to wear them. That it wasn’t intentional.”

“So did you..” I started to say.

“Don’t interrupt. Let me finish. So i said it was accidental. But I still kept bending over, and didn’t put any panties on. The next day when I was doing the same thing, he go up, and started touching my butt. And my pussy. And my clit. When he started putting his finger in my pussy, I told him to stop, and he did.”

She took a pause for breath and continued,

“The next day is when the power cut happened. That day too, I was wearing a skirt without panties. And then the rest of it that I told you happened. That’s why he said he had seen parts more private. And convinced me to go topless.”

“Is that everything?” I asked.

“No. After I got topless and he played with my boobs, in a few minutes, he started fingering me too. I told you I went to the bathroom to masturbate. That was a lie. I let him finger fuck me. In between, he took my skirt off too, and I was standing there, naked as he finger fucked me. And he made me cum.”

“And?” I asked.

“And not too much, although I see this is all turning you on.” she said, touching my erect cock. “After that I felt guilty, so I told him to go away. He said that was not fair and that I should help him cum, but I refused. He started unbuttoning his pants to take his cock out, but I said if he did, I would scream and call the police. So he left.”

She paused and continued,

“That was the last day. After that I told him not to come over, since I could finish the painting without him. He’s been calling me up since, saying “you owe me”, that because he fingered me to an orgasm, I owe him an orgasm too. That’s what he meant when he said I owed him. But I kept putting him off. then that day, he came to the house, and tried to convince me, but I refused. And I told him to go. That is it. The whole truth. End of story!”

I stared at her with a mix of anger and excitement. These newer details had angered me for sure. She had let some dirty old man see her fully naked, and even finger her pussy. But the same facts also turned me on beyond belief. My cock was harder than ever. And only minutes after we last had sex.

Shilpa sat up, took her tshirt and shorts off, and got on top of me, staring at me angrily. Positioning herself so her pussy was just above my cock she said,

“Well, now that you got me to tell the whole story, don’t you want to fuck your slut of a wife? What are you waiting for?”

I put my hands on her waist and pulled her down hard, penetrating her pussy with my cock. And we made love, no, we fucked each other, for the second time that night. And then two more times. And then once more after waking up.