Indian Woman Getting Excited by the Touch of a Stranger


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My name is Swarna. Am 28yrs old housewife living in Chennai. Am slightly white in skin color with a little bit of fat in my tummy. I am tall at 5’11 with 34DD boobs and shiny black hair till my midriff. You could say I am a homely woman with a sexy body .

My husband Santhosh (32yrs) is a system admin in one of the software companies in Siruseri. We got married 2yrs ago through our family circle. We had lots of safe sex during the starting period. We decided not to have a child till he earned big.

My husband does the 9:00am-7:00pm shift at work. During those hours I feel so bored. I try to pass time by watching TV or surfing the net for new movies. Since our home is located in the outskirts of Chennai with lesser number of houses surrounding us, I had no one to gossip with. Most of the time after doing household work, I visit my relatives and friends to gossip about our daily life events.

During the early days as a couple, we used to have sex twice a day throughout the week which lowered to thrice a week now. You could say I was satisfied with him. He was never aggressive nor a lame dick. He liked to lick and finger my pussy, and watch me squirm under his fingers. We tried various postures in different parts of our house, and made sure both of us were satiated while having sex.

I usually wear saree tucked in slightly below the navel. On one of those fateful days, after meeting my friends I boarded a fully occupied bus which meant I had to travel home standing. I anticipated it to be crowded at the next stop since it was one of the busiest junctions. At the next stop several hawkers boarded the bus along with a woman with her produce(fish) and scales.

When the bus was about to move on, a heavily built man with a backpack on his shoulder and a trolly on the other hand, boarded the bus. My guess was that he must be returning from his hometown. The bus conductor gave him the ticket and asked him to move forward so that more people can board the bus at next stop. The man trudged through the crowd to where I was standing.

He placed the trolly and backpack on the side of a nearby seat and started wiping the sweat on his face. His skin tone was light brown in color. He looked well built with muscular arms and chiselled chest.

The bus ride seemed to be going well until the driver took a tight turn. The bus lurched sideways and forwards. The muscular man was thrown off balance, and fell on me.


His lips landed on my shoulder while he fumbled to hold onto a railing by the side.

I felt a chill run down my spine. This was the first time a man other than my husband had touched me of any sorts. I felt like giving him one on the face(slap), but when I saw his ashen face I didnt have the heart to do so. He apologised profusely with a sheepish smile. The ride went on well for another 15mins maybe.

The traffic signal 15mtrs ahead flashed from red to green, the bus driver gunned the bus forward thinking of crossing the signal before it turns red again. We were close to crossing the signal when suddenly the bus jolted to a stop.

A pedestrian had tried to cross the road when the signal was green. The bus driver started to cuss at him.

Everyone standing in the bus where pushed forward by the sudden brake. This time the man behind me stood steady, but I was losing my balance because of the saree and was about to trip forwards when I felt someone catching hold of me.

The man behind me had his muscular arm spread over my soft and smooth navel, firmly holding me back from falling. All the hair on my neck stood up due to the action going on. I felt a tingling sensation in my loins due to his little finger nudging the spot below my navel.

He leaned forward, his lips near my earlobe, asking me “are you okay madam?”

His lips were touching my ears, sending wrong signals all over my body. I stood there blankly. He stooped low to my face and asked me again “madam are you okay?”

In a trance, I turned a little bit towards the side to see him. He was taller than me, his skin brownish with big black eyebrows long nose and thin lips. I was standing there in the middle of the bus staring at his lips when I felt something poking at the back.

I had smacked on to his cock while turning making his cock poke into me. Feeling embarrased, he leaned on my shoulder breathing sharply over my neck. His breathing sent little drops of sweat rolled down my face flowing down my neck into the valley between my breasts making my nipples erect. All this happened in a few seconds. In a husky voice, I replied


We stood there in the middle of the bus like that for a few seconds. He gently removed his hand and moved back a little leaving a void in my loins.

This was the first time I had felt something deep inside me with a person other than my husband. I felt hot yet conflicted of my feelings for another person. While I was deep in thought about it, I heard the conductor shout “karanai”. My bus stop had come. Before alighting I turned back to see him. His eyes too seemed to have followed me. Feeling shy I alighted swiftly.

While walking home thinking about it I realised that he knew where I dropped off but I didnt know where he drops off.

After reaching home, I closed the front door, went to my room, took off my clothes and stood infront of the dressing table mirror buck naked. I tightly clasped my boobs, squeezing it . Feeling horny, I twisted and twirled my bud like nipples till it became erect sending a sensation through my spine.

After kneading my breasts, I turned sideways accentuating my breasts and butt. I cupped my ass with one hand feeling the soft and supple skin while my other hand played with my nipples.

I stood there rubbing my ass and mouthing a sigh as I dreamt of how the guy’s cock felt nudging my ass. After a few minutes I turned facing the mirror with my left hand rubbing the outer folds of my pussy while my right hand circled the areola slowly closing in on the nipple. One of the fingers brushed past the nipple sending erotic signals to my brain.

On the other hand the middle finger of my left hand had its own agenda pushing in and out of my pussy like a piston.

I quickly ran to the kitchen naked without any concerns for my neighbors (atleast 5mtrs away) catching me nude. Opening the fridge I took out the largest carrot washed it and bit the pointy end of the carrot. I ran back to my bathroom.


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Leaning on the shower cubicle wall with my pussy and legs jutting out, I started shoving the carrot in my pussy thinking about the man’s thick arm on my navel.

I closed my eyes imagining just me and him, standing in the cubicle nude with his thick arms tightly wound around my ass. He starts kneading it and pressing my body towards him with his cock between my legs.

I could see the lust in his eyes, the urgent need to conquer me. He starts spooning me slowly. He kisses me on the forehead, moves down gives a peck on nose and then swoops down to take my lips. His tongue enters my mouth sucking my tongue and ravishing it.

Feeling aroused, he starts spooning me vigorously. Pre-seminal fluid starts dripping from my pussy. Seeing that, he starts humping more crazily with lust. I start squirming, shaking and writhing holding on tightly to him. He rams continuously till we reach the crescendo.

I started convulsing with my vaginal fluids flowing out copiously. I could barely stand with all my nerves wrecked. I lay on his chest while he held on to me firmly.

That was when I came back to reality. The carrot was still in my hands but it was gooey with my vaginal fluids. I was not satisfied with carrot, I wanted a real cock but I had to do with it until my husband came home.

After washing myself down there, I came out of the bathroom, changed myself into a nighty and threw the carrot in the bin. I had another one hour before my husband came. I started preparing dinner early so that me and my husband could spend quality time later.

One week passed by nothing happened. My husband went to office and I went out to meet my friends. I woke up early today. Having nothing to do I thought of buying vegetables and essentials for the upcoming week. Refreshing myself, I pulled on a salwar kameez from the cupboard and applied a little bit of make up.

I Woke up my husband, asked him to lock the door. He seemed sleepy.

“What time is it?” He asked.

“6:45” I replied.

“Let me sleep atleast during the weekend pls” he grumbled.

“Am fine with you sleeping a bit. I am going to the market, get ur ass up to entrance and close the door.”

He grumbled and came with me to the entrance gate.

I started the moped and waited outside the gate for him to close it. He came out, gave a kiss on my forehead and asked me to travel safe. I saw him in the rearview mirror watching me till I took a turn at the street end.

After reaching the market I bought whatever vegetables I needed for the week and walked to my moped which was outside the market compound. To my surprise I saw the muscle man, jogging my way, in tight T-shirt and shorts. I waved my hand. I still dont know why I waved to him.

On seeing me, he came to where I was standing.

“Early riser huh?” He asked me.

“No not me. who wakes up early on a sunday?” I replied.

“Are u going to buy or have u finished buying?” He asked.

“Done buying for the week” I replied.

“Ah ok. I thought we could buy together and you could help me out checking which one is good” He sighed.

“Sure I’ll help you out. I have nothing today at home anyways” I replied instantly.

I locked my moped and we both entered the market again. While walking he mentioned how he was pleasantly surprised on seeing me again. We shared each others name. His name is Sathish. He had come to Chennai for job it seems; thats why the travel bag that day on the bus. He complimented me on how I dressed well even during the early morning, to which I started blushing. Who doesn’t like compliments.

We bought some vegetables and were checking some cabbages when he got a call. It seemed a bit rushed.

He was saying “Yes sir, sure sir I’ll be there in a few minutes sir.”

“What happened?” I asked him.

“Huh?” He looked at me.

“No the way you were speaking it seemed urgent.” I asked him

“Yeah it was my senior at job. I’ve got to be somewhere now. You came by moped right. Can you drop me at a place nearby? Its just three streets across.”

“Sure. I’ll drop you” I replied.

We walked back out like a marathon walker, hopped on the moped and were on the way to the spot he said. The address he said seemed to be familiar to me but I just wasnt able to remember with the guy behind me.

I sat in the front and he sat behind me with his bare thighs touching my salwar clad thighs. Since he said it was urgent I started accelerating. Our area was a resedential one with a lot of speedbreakers. When I turned to the nxt street I applied the brake as soon as I saw the speedbreaker. Sathish didnt expect that and was pushed forward hitting my back. We were sitting close like bread and jam. He had held on to my hips for support and asked me to slow down near speed breakers. I could feel the sweat from his shirt on my back. It should have shown him my bra hook through the kameez. I din’t wear blouse since it was close by.It was cold yet warm.I didnt want to slow down because I liked it when his body touched me.

Leaning forward he asked me

“What perfume do you use? I like the fragrance.”

I just giggled and didn’t reply.

In a few seconds we came to the place he mentioned. There was a jeep standing there with a police man speaking on his walkie talkie. The place we were at was in front of my house.

I asked Sathish what happened here. He replied that a thief had broken into the house. I was shocked because nothing of this sort had happened in this area during the last two years we came here. We have a gurkha patrolling everyday during the night so this was a shocker.

I quickly told him that it was my house. Sathish told me that he was a police constable in the nearby police station. He took me to his senior and told him that I lived with my husband here.

His senior asked me to calm down and explained me that while I was out someone had broken into the house and attacked my husband. While defending himself he was heavily injured.

The robber had tried breaking our locker. Finding it difficult, he took the keys of our Royal Enfield bike from my husband and escaped. The thief had jumped over the gate since the fence had glass shards on top of them. After that he had picked both the outer and inner door locks.

When I entered the hall I saw the glass tepoy smashed with blood on it. I asked him what happened to my husband. The policeman replied that my husband was rushed to the nearby hospital just 10 mins ago.


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He collected information about me and my husband and asked if we had any enemies who would have done it. I told him no we dont have such enemity with anyone. We had just come to this area only 2years back.

After the formalities I was rushed to the hospital. My husband was in a seperate room. He had concussion in the head, broken ribs and a broken arm. The doctors had given him sedatives.

I rang up my father-in-law and told him what happened. His father said that he’ll come with his wife within an hour. After an hour they came. They were shocked to hear about the incident. Like all caring parents they asked us to live with them in the city.

After talking for sometime they told me they will take care of my husband and that I should take some rest. I was hesirating a bit. My father in law reassured me and said that If they needed something they would call me.

I came back to my home in the police jeep. The senior asked Sathish to stay with me for a few days to provide protection for me and to watch out for the robber if he tries to break in again.

My neighbors came and offered me consolations which made me cry even more. Seeing this, Sathish asked everyone to leave. I sat on the sofa with both my hands on the head. Sathish went to kitchen got me a glass of water and asked me to drink it. Even after that I was crying. He sat beside me, put my head on his shoulder and slowly patted my back.

“Its ok dear dont cry”.

Turning to me, he placed both his palms under my chin.

“Look at me” he said.

I looked up at him still crying. He tucked my hair behind me eyes, wiped my tears and sotthed me by patting my back. Wanting comfort, I hugged him tightly and laid my face on his chest. I must have slept holding him close because when I woke up I was in my bed. Swarna woke up by 12:00pm in the afternoon. She tied her hair into a bun, went to the wash room and refreshed herself. She went to the hall looking for Satish. He wasnt there anywhere in the house.

She went to the gate where she saw a policeman sitting on his bike near her house. She asked him where Satish had gone. He replied that Satish had gone to refresh himself and join duty and that he would be patrolling the area till 9:00pm. Satish would stand guard during the night and a patrol vehicle will go round the area during the night.

She welcomed him inside. He introduced himself as Giri. Swarna poured him some fresh juice.

“Feel yourself comfortable at home while I prepare lunch,” she told him.

“Its okay, don’t take it up on yourself to make me lunch” Giri replied.

“It’s not trouble and you are here to protect me. If I don’t even do this I’ll feel bad about myself” she told him.

She went to the kitchen to prepare lunch and he plopped on the couch. He switched on the TV to watch the ongoing cricket match between India and England.

By 1:15pm she finished cooking.

“I’ll freshen up and come. We can have lunch together” she told him.

After 15 mins they both had lunch. She had prepared lunch for four people. After finishing lunch she told him that she will be leaving for hospital and that her in-laws would be coming home.

“Okay. I’ll wait outside then” he replied.

After locking the house, she left for the hospital. She relieved her in-laws.

“I’ve prepared lunch for you. Have it and take rest. Here are the housekeys,” she said.

Her in-laws informed her that their son has to rest for two weeks. He should not move till his ribcage sets properly. Doctor had advised them what to feed him. She was by his side till 9:30pm. Her in-laws came and relieved her. She went home by car.

After reaching home, she changed into a nightie. Her parents had made dinner enough for many people. She sat there at the dining table reflecting on the things that had happened from morning while eating dinner. Satish came by 10:00 pm. He had a rough day it seemed. Prime Minister had come to our state and he had to go for protection.

Swarna asked him to sit down and have dinner. She watched him eating. She asked him about the robber. He told her that investigation is on and that they are checking for any information about her husband’s bike.

After having dinner, they moved to the hall. Both of them watch T.V. for an hour.

“I am going to sleep Satish. The keys are on the table. If you are going for patrol, just lock the house. I’ll call you in the morning” Swarna said yawning.

When she stretched her body her boobs bulged through her nightie. From the contour of her nightie he could see that she had nothing inside the nightie.

“I wont be going for patrol. I feel dead tired. I’ll rest for a while and then keep watch over the house. You can sleep peacefully.”

“Good night then” she leaned and gave him the T.V. remote.

Satish’s couldnt believe his eyes. When she leaned, he could see the whole world through her nightie.

“Ah I forgot to say this. The restroom is in my bedroom. When you want to do your business feel free to use it” she added.

When she left for her bedroom, his eyes followed her all the way to her room. Her sexy gait, her tightly cramped ass were taunting him.

He watched T.V for sometime and dozed off for a while. When he woke up it was 1:45 am. He felt parched. Opening the fridge, he took a bottle of cold water and gulped it down. The cold water made him feel like peeing. He opened her bedroom door, adjusted his eyes to the lighting of the room and went to the restroom. After taking a piss, he looked at Swarna sleeping peacefully. He could see her boobs heave up and down under the lamp shade. He felt like holding them in his hands, pressing them and plunging his face in between them. He sat beside her on the bed and gently weaved his hands through her soft and silky hair. He rubbed her face softly and kissed her on the forehead.

Swarna woke up and was shocked to see him beside her.

“What are you doing here Satish?” She asked.

“I came to use the restroom” he replied.

“The restroom is there, what are you doing here on the bed” she asked him.

“You look so inviting in this nightie. To be frank when you leaned forward while giving the remote I could see everything inside the nightie. I couldn’t control my urge to touch you. Call it lust or reverence or whatever you want. I don’t want to take advantage over you. I want it to be reciprocative. Please allow me to feel you. I will take my hand off when you say so” he replied desperately


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“But I am a married woman Satish. I cannot have such feelings for you” she replied coyly.

“No one will know about it. It will be a secret between us. If you feel guilty about it, you can close your eyes and pretend that nothing happened. I’ll stay within my limits” he pleaded.

“But…I…” She stammered not knowing what to say.

Using that as an opportunity, he gently placed her back on the bed.

“Please Satish… ” Swarna tried dissuading him.

But he was not going to give in.

He closed her eyes first. He kissed her closed eyelids gently. He moved up and kissed her forehead. He placed his hands on both sides of her face, leaned forwards gave a peck on her nose.

“Satish don’t…” Swarna begged.

He stopped her by kissing her full on the lips. He tried prying her lips open but with no success. He looked at her ardently. She hesitated for a few minutes but gave in eventually.

After gaining access to her lips, he sneaked his tongue into her mouth and sought her tongue. Both their tongues danced like how the cobra do when they mate. He kissed her, ravishing her tongue and lips.

After that he moved south kissing her chin and neck. He tilted her face and kissed her nape. Then moving down he kissed her chest slightly above her cleavage.

“Lets stop at this” Swarna told him decisively.

Respecting her decision he stopped kissing and lied down on the bed beside her.

“Can I hold you while you sleep?” he asked.

“You are taking too much advantage” she snorted.

“I promise I wont do anything. Lets just lie holding each other in our arms” he pleaded.

“Whatever..” she said and closed her eyes.

He gently pulled her arms toward himself and hugged her. He could feel her boobs on his chest, soft and spongy. He kissed her on the forehead once again and lied there holding her.

Sleep overcame both of them.

6:20 am

Feeling thirsty Swarna woke up to find herself sleeping snuggly, her face lying on his chest. She looked down to see both his legs pinning her. She closed her eyes and recalled what had happened last night. She felt guilty and remorseful. She slowly crawled out and went to the kitchen.Back to FPP from Swarna’s side.

I thought of having coffee. Took the coffee powder in a mug, mixed it with water and waited for the milk to boil. I opened the window for some cool breeze to come in.

That’s when he came in. He was wearing nothing except his trunks. The front part of his trunks pointed forward due to his morning wood. I asked him to put some clothes and wait in the hall.

“You carry on with your job and I’ll do mine,” he said.

“Nothing of the sorts. Get back to the hall” I put a strong face.

The milk started to boil. When I started to pay attention to it, he grabbed hold of my waist, lifted my nightie and pulled my panties down. Even before I could scold him, he stripped out of his trunks and started grinding me bareback.

I finished pouring coffee for both of us. I turned slightly and pushed him. The panties where a hindrance. When I turned, I lost my balance and took hold of him for balance.

“This too is good” he chuckled and squeezed my boobs. He pulled the nightie up to my neck and started circling my light brown areola with his fingers.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and started moaning. Knowing that he had control over me, he moved to my nipple. Gently holding the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he twisted and twirled it to the maximum.

“Ahhhh” I closed my eyes and stood there moaning.

He pulled my panties down fully and pushed me onto the kitchen counter. The sunlight fell on my boobs making it more impressive. Looking at it lustily, he scooped them in both hands and held them close together.

“Your boobs are big like those balloons with pointy end we played with, when younger. Good that they dont sag much. I feel like mauling them” he murmured.

Like an Eagle diving for its prey, he lowered his face to my boobs and started licking my boobs.

He moved to the nipple and swayed his tongue up and down over my nipples. The cool breeze and his wet tongue on my nipples were making me jittery. He moved from one nipple to the other taking them lovingly in his mouth. Suddenly he started attacking my nipples sucking them madly.

He made me spread my legs. He gently opened my pussy with his middle finger. He fisted me till I started leaking juice.

He gently applied the juice on my labia making it wet. After that he placed his whole palm on my pussy and started shagging me like crazy. In his deft hands I started squirting in a few minutes. But he didn’t stop there. He kept going till I shuddered and held him for support. He kneeled in font of me and placed both my legs over his shoulders.

“Wow!! You’ve trimmed your hair down here. Nice little triangle. Your pussy looks inviting”.

His mouth went for my soaking pussy. He licked my outer labia, savoring the taste.

“Hmmm… It tastes good, soft and smooth like a rose petal”.

He forked his tongue in and out of my pussy sending tingling sensations to my stomach. Then he moved to my clitoris.

He gently placed his teeth on my bud. I looked at him questioningly.

“Dont worry I’ll go gentle on it”.

He kept biting for sometime. After that he sucked my clitoris.

He started licking vigorously while inserting a finger into my pussy. He started fingering and sucking me alternatively. I couldn’t hold it anymore. Grabbing his hair I pulled him towards my pussy. My legs held him closely. The more he fingered the more I was on my way to my orgasm.

“Hrrrr…haaa” I spasmed letting my juice overflow his mouth, watching it drip down his face.

I stood there gasping for breath.

When I looked at him, he was smiling lustily at me . His smile looked as though he was mocking me for having lost the first round. I felt like crying.

He didnt care about that.

He stood up, placed his penis near my pussy and moved it up and down rubbing it against my pussy. He placed one hand on my neck pulling me in for a kiss and the other hand was squeezing my boobs like anything. The friction caused by his penis made me feel hot down there. He closed his eyes and moved up and down like a piston.

“Do you want it in your mouth?” He asked.

“Fuck off” I scolded him while moaning.

“Cool” he replied and jerked off using his hand.

I stood there watching his dome like penis spitting out cum like a volcano.

“Cuckoo…Cuckoo…” The wall clock chimed indicating 7 O’clock.

I went to the bedroom took a towel and refreshed myself in the bathroom. I came out wearing a towel. Opening the cupboard I took out a new panty, petticoat, blouse and a bra.


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Satish laid there on the bed naked watching me put on my dress. I didn’t mind him and concentrated on selecting a matching saree for my blouse.

I dMolestationd it on and turned to see him have a boner in the offing.

He was jerking with his hand.

“Am going to prepare breakfast. If u want to join me, get yourself ready. I’ll be leaving to hospital by 8:30 see yourself out before that” I reminded him.