Madiha Lost Her Virginity to an Old Man


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My name’s Madiha and I have a story to tell. I want to share the experience of how I lost my virginity in one of the most unlikely circumstances.

This happened around seven years ago. I was in my second year of my college, about nineteen years old at that time

There was a marriage of one of my cousins in my native village. We were all invited but, since I had my practicals just the day before which I could not skip, I stayed back. My father stayed with me, while my mother and younger brother went to the function, getting there a week before the big day. Marriages in our culture were always a big thing. Our village was a ten-hour journey by bus from my place, but my father decided to drive in our car as it would be faster. He promised that he could still get me there in time.

I finished my practicals successfully and came home to get all the jewelry and dresses that I needed for the wedding. Car packed, we started on the long journey. We stopped midway in a hotel and had a nice dinner. It was a nice rest bite before we set off once more through the night. My father suggested that I slept as I needed to be fresh for the ceremony in the morning. I was sleeping while my father was driving through the dark forests. Suddenly, I woke up to the sound of a loud thud and the feeling of slowing down. It was the car. It had broken down. I glanced at my watch. Here we were, at just after midnight in the middle of the forest. To make matters worse it had started raining, heavily.

Since it was a forest route not many vehicles traveled this way during the night, so we were unlikely to be seen. Needless to say, we didn’t have any signal in our cellphone either so raising the alarm that way wasn’t an option. We were stuck, unable to inform anyone about our problem. Our only hope was to wait till someone arrived, which could take until the morning.

It was my father who saw the light in the darkness. We were hopeful that it was a police outpost. Furthermore, our car was broken down in the middle of the road, so it was possible for someone to hit it in the dark. It was an easy decision to make. We both got down and started pushing the car to the side of the road. Once out of the way, we headed off towards the light. By the time, we reached the place, we were soaked. To our dismay, it was a not a police outpost, but a house. We knocked at the door. After a few minutes, we were greeted by a raspy female voice.

“Who is it?”

“I’m sorry, but our car broke down. Could you please help us?” my father replied.

There was a silence before the door finally opened and the old woman allowed us in. Inside was an old man standing there with a huge axe in his hand. I assumed it was just for protection in case we were some kind of robbers. The couple were in their fifties or maybe even sixties. The old man was tall, dark and thin with a huge white beard. He was wearing an old white lungi and no shirt. The woman was frail and looked much older than the man, due to her lack of physical strength.

I looked around the house. I thought, what was the fuss with the axe and all. There was nothing obvious to steal from that house. It was just a one room house. On one corner an old saree was tied diagonally for a make-shift bathroom. There was a kerosene stove in the other corner. There was no electricity in the house, but it had petromax lights and the fire from the coals added to the glow. They had a coir bed in the middle of the house. There were few big wooden boxes which I assumed contained had their belongings. I really doubted if a thief could find anything worth more than 100 rupees in there.

My father explained our situation. The old man kept listening and, in the end, he said that in the morning, he would take father to the local village where we could summon the mechanic. My father said that’s not possible as he wants to do it immediately and asked the old man to accompany him. The old man said he can’t do as he has a knee joint problem and needs rest or else he will collapse in the middle. My father was very angry, but he controlled it and said if he could tell him the directions, he would go alone. The old man said it was not advisable as a single wrong turn in the path would lead him too deep into the forest. Then the woman started interrupting him in their own language which we couldn’t understand. The old man began shouting back at her and then he mellowed his voice and kept talking for some time. We were just watching them talk and then she nodded.

The old man now looked at my father and said that there was a 24-hour mechanic shop just along the road, but it was close to two kilometres away. If there was no one in the shop wait for some time as they might have gone home to have food or something. My father borrowed the umbrella and torchlight from him and went to search for the mechanic shop.

After my father left, the woman mentioned that I was totally wet and asked me to change the dress or else I would catch a cold. I told her that I had no other dress right now. She said I could use her saree. I had never worn a saree except during the school annual day and that time it had taken my Mother an hour to dress me in it. I sheepishly said I don’t know how to wear a saree. She said, not to worry as she would help me. She took what I assumed was the cleanest saree she had and pulled me behind that curtain which led to their stinky bathroom—a room equipped with just an old bucket and mug—and brought the light in.

I need to tell you that back then I wasn’t as slim as I am now. I was a little chubby but not exactly fat. I guessed I still had the look of a child, although I had a nice 34-32-35 frame. What’s more, I was outgrowing my B size bra and was going to switch to C cup soon. I was taken aback when she asked me to strip out of everything, including my bra and panties. In all cases it was the same, you shouldn’t wear wet clothes. Reluctantly I did as she asked. It was as I removed the last bit of my clothing, that the woman shined the light in front of me and looked me up all the way from top to bottom. She commented that I had a nice body. I was embarrassed by her statement but didn’t know what to do.


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She then asked me to tie the petticoat and blouse. I didn’t have any problem with the petticoat, but her blouse didn’t fit at all. I so didn’t want to damage this woman’s prized possession.

“It’s not working,” I said. “Let me wear my churidar.”

She said, not to worry, but wear the saree without the blouse. I said it was too revealing but she chided me, telling that many women in the village do that. She added that we were in the house, so nobody would see. She said she will tell her husband to turn around when I came out. After that the conversation returned to that indistinct language as she spoke to her husband. Her husband laughed aloud and then shouted back to her. There was no option. Even when I suggested that at least I should wear the bra she replied with the same excuse about it being wet, more so that tying a wet cloth across my chest will only result in me catching a cold.

When I came out, the old man was facing completely the other way, not seeing anything. The woman gave me a blanket and suggested I slept on the bed, while they slept on the floor. They lowered the light from the petromax to the bare minimum. The tiredness caught me and then I was sleeping well.

As I was sleeping, I suddenly started feeling cold. Maybe the blanket had fallen down was my first thought. I was too tired to look for blanket though. Then I felt the chill of the night air blowing over my body. The saree had parted way and my bare breasts were exposed to the chillness. Still I was sleepy enough not to cover myself. Next came a feeling of something touching my breasts. It was, as if, it was kissing my nipples. Sleepily, I tried to brush it off, but once I hit on something hard, I lost my sleep in a moment and opened my eyes. It was the old man. He was on top of me sucking at my nipples. He had already parted my saree and I was literally laying there topless in front of him.

“What are you doing?” I shouted.

I tried to push him off. It caught him off balance and he was almost thrown but he I immediately caught one of my hands for balance. Before I could recover, he had his other hand clutching my hands tightly. His clutch was like an iron handcuff and it stopped the blood circulation. I couldn’t even move my hands.

“Get off you filthy bastard!” I shouted at him at the same time spitting out at his face.

He, however, showed no signs of anger nor of stopping. He opened his mouth and coolly replied.

“Listen, baby. If you cooperate with me now, we can have fun together and no-one will know about it.”

“On my dead body, you low-class scoundrel,” I hissed.

“Then, you made my choice easier. I will Molestation you, kill you and burn this house down. You have gold earrings, a gold chain, a costly watch, golden bangles, a nice thin chain in your waist and silver anklets. More than enough to take from you. Also, since you’re going to a marriage, I’m sure you will have more jewelry in the car. We will take that as well and run away. By the time people realise, we would have crossed four states. Besides, I would never get a chance to fuck a high-class beautiful girl like you. I’m ready to go to jail for that.”

The look in his eyes was so frightful. He looked like the type of person who would kill someone just like that. Think…think…think…I said to myself. You can come out of this if you use your wits.

“My father is an army man. He will be back with the mechanic any moment. He has killed many soldiers in the border. He will snap your neck like a twig.” I was hopeful my businessman father could do the trick.

“Don’t worry about him my dear,” he leered. “The shop is around four kilometres from here. It used to be twenty-four hours, but after one of them left the business they stopped that. They won’t be open now until seven in the morning. Your father will be away all night. So, my dear, nobody will not disturb your first night.”

“My father can run ten kilometers in one hour. He will be back here when he realises the shop is shut. I know he will.”

“That’s why I told your father to wait for some time if its locked. He will wait and wait. He will also be tired to come all the way back and then go in the morning again.”

The old man was unable to hide his smile. He was right. Anyone would do what he said.

“My father has a cellphone. He will call the nearest point and he will get an army jeep immediately.” I was trying to tell any lie to avoid what was happening.

“Ha ha ha!!” He laughed louder. “This whole mountain area has no cellphone reception and only a few villages even have electricity. Accept your fate instead of arguing. I can be gentle with you or not. It is your choice.” His eyes pointed at the huge axe near the door. The eyes were dead serious. He had the look of a killer.

I thought for a moment and realised that it was most likely a lost cause. This man was going to Molestation me regardless of the choice I made. At least I could keep it a secret if I could hide it. I hoped he would be quick and gentle. He sort of read the defeat from my eyes. Slowly the grip was released from my hands and he gave me a somewhat nice kiss on my lips. This was the first time, I had ever been kissed. I always imagined a handsome hunk doing it, not this ugly old man. We kissed for a long time. It felt like an eternity.

Finally, he broke away from my lips and continued down my young body. He started at my neck and slowly made his way down to my breasts, caressing my skin with his lips. My nipples, partly due to the cold and partly due to the excitement of his touch, were already standing straight. He took one nub in his hand and slowly pinched. I was unable to contain my excitement and gave a loud moan. Sensing my response, he pinched it a bit harder. It was like having a metal clip on my nipple. He slowly moved his head below and started sucking one of my breasts while kneading the other.

I didn’t know why but my body was betraying me. Despite my repulse, I was getting hotter as he kept sucking, changing from one breast to the other. While sucking, he brought down his hand and put it inside the saree. Since I wasn’t wearing any panties, he was able to access my sex directly. The moment he touched my pussy, I felt an electric surge inside me. He was gently rubbing on my clit. Already I was aroused by his sucking, but as soon as he started rubbing my pussy, I was moaning freely. Nothing seemed to matter anymore; my age, family, society, personal choice, nothing at all. I just needed to get fucked, this night, by this ugly old man, in his wreck of a house.


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Sensing that I was ready, he stopped sucking. He pulled the saree from me and then removed the drawstrings of my petticoat. In one move, he removed his lungi. Now, we were both totally naked and he had his old body on top of mine. His face showed the eagerness. Using his one hand, he was already trying to position his cock at the entrance of my sex. He then held both my hands tightly and asked.

“Have you ever done this before?”

I shook my head. He smiled and whispered.

“My lucky day.”

Without a warning he just plunged his thick cock into me, the idea of being gentle having faded into the night. My hymen ripped, and I screamed. The pain was excruciating. I felt as if someone had plunged a knife into me, tearing off my flesh. Luckily, we were in the middle of the forest. Back in my home, I would have woken up my neighbors. The pain was too much, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to push him off, but his hands were too strong for me. He was just like a stone statue. He waited for some time for me to calm down. Slowly I recovered from the pain, but that was his cue. Slowly he started stroking his cock in and out. The pain was still there, agonising, but slowly I began to enjoy it. His speed was gradually increasing and at the same time my pain was turning into pleasure. Seeing this, he released the hold on my hands and began a nice thrusting of his hips into me.

My painful groaning was slowly replaced by passionate moaning. I was somehow loving it as I felt both our bodies fuse into each other. In my mind I was thinking, once the pole and hole meet, everything else became immaterial. After some nice time of intense fucking, he increased the speed again, and then started pounding mercilessly at my young pussy. His penis was hitting deep inside me. I was unable to contain myself. I gripped him so tight that my nails sank into his bare back. My legs were locked around his thighs. I was moaning intensely by now, delirious in pleasure as he kept pounding me. I was wishing it would never stop.

Suddenly, my entire body stiffened and arched. My leg was high up in the air. For a moment, I was totally lost, detached from the world. I felt as if my entire body had suddenly become weightless. It was then that I felt my insides release the pent-up pressure as my first ever orgasm hit.

I guessed he felt it too and stopped his relentless fucking for some time, allowing me to savor the moment. I was in heaven, enjoying the moment and hoping it would never end. When my orgasm did finally subside, the pounding started once more. Within a minute or two, he let out a huge groan and collapsed on me. I could feel a jet of warmth flow inside me. I knew he had cum inside me. Slowly I felt his hard manhood start to relax, the pressure on my inner wall easing. We were totally spent. I felt like I had I run a marathon at full speed, my breath coming in short pants. We just lay on top of each other recovering. I could slowly feel his warm seed seeping out from my pussy, around his flagging cock, and running down my snatch.

We stayed there for some time before he rolled away from me. He got up and went to the bathroom. He came back after urinating. He asked me to get up. I refused, but he pulled my hands and made me get up. Even in my weak state, he made me stand up. He then asked me to kneel. I immediately understood what he wanted me to do.

“No way, I can’t,” I begged him.

He looked at me for a moment and then punched me in the stomach. The air went out of me and I doubled up, writhing with pain. He waited till I stopped crying. He pulled me by my hair and shouted at me.

“When did I ask your permission? Tonight, you’re my bitch and you need to understand that you do everything I ask. Hear it and if you complain again, I will break your head!”

I nodded and kneeled quietly. He came forward so that his manhood nearly touched my face. It was the first time I was looking at an adult cock in real life. It was black and repulsive, a long shaft emerging out from amid coarse grey hair and large dangling balls. It was limp but still glistening due to the juice of my vagina and his semen.

“I know you love it but show it by sucking it.” He laughed as he made his request.

I looked up at him and begged, “Please!”

His eyes flared again as anger raged.

“You want me to beat you again? Remember, even if one drop falls out, you are going to have problems.”

There was no way out of this. I took his limp cock and put it in my mouth, gagging slightly. It tasted awful. The combined taste of urine, his cum and my vaginal fluid made it totally unbearable, but before I could think of taking it out he put his hands behind my head and held me there. He didn’t fuck my face, instead he used my head to make me start the rhythm. As I kept doing it, I could feel his cock start to enlarge in my mouth. For the first time, I could feel the size of his cock. Its length was filling my mouth, coming all the way to the back of my throat, and was very thick. I was literally choking on it. I kept it up for around fifteen minutes before the pain built in my knees, the hard floor bruising my young flesh. His cock was bulging larger than ever and I guessed he was about to cum. He too sensed it and pressed my face right down onto the cock. I couldn’t escape. With a groan, he once again came, filling my mouth with his saltiness.

With nowhere to go, I choked. The only way I could breathe was to swallow. I tried to swallow but he was flowing like a water gun. For all I could ingest, more fell out of my mouth and ran down my chin, falling onto my breasts and on the floor. When he finally released me, I felt like throwing up. As if he knew, he immediately took me to his makeshift bathroom. I vomited

“Are you ok?” he asked.

I just nodded. He had a glass of water in his hands and I drank it with one gulp. He slowly brought me and made me rest on the bed again. Using a towel, he wiped off the remaining cum from my face and breasts. I was still trying to come to terms with what I had just done.

“Since you made me happy, let me make you happy,” the old man continued.


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He was standing at the edge of the bed near my legs. He first kissed my toes one by one. and then he started sucking them. He slowly came up kissing my ankles, calfs, inner thighs and finally up to my mound. He opened my legs, revealing my naked sex, and plunged his face straight into my pussy. I gasped. Two fingers joined his face as he pulled my outer lips apart. I felt an electric surge inside as his tongue delved down and caressed my sensitive inner walls. His spare hand was back on my breasts. I was literally crying in pleasure as he kept lapping at my insides. Pretty soon, I had enjoyed my second orgasm, my love juices now covering his mouth. He kept lapping it up, drinking my juices like a hungry Rocky. When he finally lifted his head. I could see his beard and mouth glistening with my cum. He was looking satisfied as hell.

He waited for me to come down from the edge, before asking me to get on all fours. He kneeled behind me and touched my ass.I shouted, “nooo, please don’t do this!”

“Why not?” he asked mockingly.

“I heard its painful,” came my pleaded reply. “Tomorrow is the marriage function. If I’m not able to walk properly, they will find out.”

“Okay,” he replied, seemingly sensitive to my plight. “Then point out where you do want to do it.” He laughed.

Cursing myself, I reached behind until I caught hold of his penis and positioned it against my vagina. He took time positioning his penis exactly at the inner part of my vagina and then in one stroke he sank the whole shaft in.


My scream was earthshattering, like a lady in a soap drama who has just been stabbed by a knife. He waited fully impaled for a while before starting his assault. Unlike last time, he didn’t start slowly, but went for it in top gear. I didn’t sound like moaning, rather like a woman being tortured. With every thrust, his cock was plunging deep into me before pulling back out. Soon, the pain started subsiding and I started to feel pleasure. I could understand why Rockygie sex was preferred by many as it enabled a deeper penetration, especially if someone has a large and thick cock like this one.

Between thrusts, he slapped my butt cheeks, his hands falling like a whip. I cried out in pain. This man was into BDSM. After some time, I was getting ready for my third orgasm. I had a huge one this time and my hands which were supporting my body couldn’t hold any longer. I collapsed on the bed with him holding my waist.

“I know you’re having nice fun, but still you need to take care of me,” he said in a mock pitiful tone.

I realised that he was still hard and hadn’t cum yet. Oh god, will this night ever end? Even though I had enjoyed three orgasms in the last two hours, I desperately wanted this entire thing to end without any complications.

He lay on his back on the bed. His thick black dick, covered with my juices, was pointing at the ceiling. He asked me to sit on it. Slowly and reluctantly I readied myself. He put his hands around my waist and was adjusting my body to align with his dick. I could feel his girth stretching me as he entered inside, and just allowed the gravity to sink me down on it, engulfing his manhood with my vagina. Given the size of his dick, that feeling inside me alone made me hot. Then, he slowly began to rock me, holding my waist.

I was riding him like a horse. I liked this as it gave me the power to do things. I was busy riding him and then my eyes fell on his wife. She was watching with great interest as if she was watching a porn movie. Suddenly, I realised that had I totally neglected her. She had been in the room for the whole last two hours. My mind wandered. Why had she never objected to what her husband was doing? Rather than objecting, it seemed that she had made things easy for him by making me dress in her saree so that none of my clothes got torn and my father might find out.

The old man seemed to have read my thoughts. He spoke. “I know what you’re thinking. What woman is she, allowing her husband to fuck someone right before her? Well, around fifteen years ago, she started feeling pain whenever we had sex and since were poor, we couldn’t afford a costly doctor to treat her. So, I stopped having sex as I didn’t want to give her pain. But, she understands my needs. So, she allows me to go to the nearest dhaba and enjoy a prostitute, but still even the cheapest one demands around a hundred rupees. So, we save for months to allow me have some fun.”

It was the shittiest excuse I had ever heard, I thought to myself.

“But how can I refuse, if a piece of fresh meat comes into a wolf’s den? I know you’re one of those high-class girls. You look like a movie heroine.”

I could feel that I was blushing.

He continued. “I can never get such a beauty ever in my life. I will never forget this ever. This is the greatest achievement in my life. But I’m sorry if I hurt you in anyway.”

Wow, he had mercilessly had sex with a girl against her will and now he was asking for forgiveness. Can he reverse my virginity? While I was lost in thoughts, we were getting hot once again and this time we both climaxed at the same time. After that, I collapsed on top of him like a bag of bricks and I fell asleep as he held me on top of him. I must have slept soundly, but suddenly I felt someone pinching me and shouting.

“Wake up!”

I groggily woke up and looked at his white beard just close to my face.

He frantically said. “It’s time, your father will come soon.”

The word father drove out the entire sleepiness from me. I jumped out of his grasp and looked around. He said there is still time for once more and that he would clean me. It was around 06:30 am and we had just half an hour. Luckily, his wife had woken up early and prepared warm water for bathing. He took me to the bathroom. Using the mug, he poured water on me making sure my hair didn’t get wet. Then he applied soap all over my body and was cleaning it. I could see that he was getting hard again, the more that he continued to apply soap to my private parts.

“I think this is enough. My father will come any moment,” I said sternly.

Overnight, I had transformed a lot. He looked at me for a moment and then nodded.

He said, “You’re right, but you should clean my body too.”

Not wasting a moment, I poured water on him and applied soap to his hairy body. Rubbing through his chest hair was a bit disgusting. He also didn’t leave me until he made me clean his cock. After that, he made his wife pour water on us as we began cleaning each other.


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After cleaning, we came out and we dried each other.

He begged, “one last time?”

I blatantly said “no!”

“At least, allow me to kiss your breasts and pussy one last time?”

I allowed him this little pleasure. As we both stood nude in the middle of the house, he kissed me on the lips, then worked downwards. He came to my neck, then my breasts biting both my nipples gently. My navel followed and finally he parted my pussy lips and gave a huge lick to my clit. I was already getting a bit aroused, but I knew this was not the time and controlled myself.

My dress was dried, but he insisted that he wanted to keep my bra and panties as a memento from me. I didn’t feel like arguing much with him as my father would be there any moment.

It was around fifteen minutes later that he arrived, with the mechanic. He paid the mechanic to use his jeep while entrusting his car to him and then drove like a maniac. We reached the hotel at around nine in the morning. I rushed to the bathroom and looked in the full-length mirror. I could see that my breasts were red with swollen nipples. My butt cheeks had his hand imprinted on them. There were some love bites on my neck. My pussy was really sore. I bathed myself before dressing in the shalwar Kameez.

That day I wasn’t quite myself. Many people were asking me why I was subdued, I lied that I was having a headache due to the long journey and excused myself. I went to the nearest chemist and bought a Norlevo morning after pill.

Thank god, I didn’t get pregnant.

It has been several years since then. I finished college and now I’m working. I’ve had a few boyfriends and a few encounters, but as one of my friends said you will never forget your first time no matter how lame it was. I never even knew this man’s name and don’t know if he’s still alive.

And, yeah, he will live in my memory for a long time.